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>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)20:06  No.53989  OP  P1
Calico Cat Girl Sex. Would be nice to add audio to this.

50e12d7d77a049cd77a3ace41490a64b.swf (8.96 MiB)
800x450, Uncompressed. 1656 frames, 24 fps (01:09).
Ver9, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)00:53  No.54003  A  P2R1
furries get the most well animated shit

why do all of them have so much money i swear

>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)17:43  No.54021  B  P3R2

Childless adults. More money you can spend.

>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)18:04  No.54024  C  P4R3
Another case of wasted quality on furry content.
>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)18:30  No.54025  D  P5R4
That's b/c most animation artists are making webm vids not swfs. Some webm vids on are great but need to be converted to swf.
>>Jesus  6oct2017(fr)21:22  No.54028  E  P6R5
This is quality

man swfchan really needs more stuff like this
than decade old reposts of zone animations

thanks generous OP for this wonderful piece of fapping material

>>Anonymous  9oct2017(mo)04:54  No.54106  F  P7R6
What is yiff?
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)20:51  No.54160  G  P8R7
>What is yiff?
Autistic cancer.
>>Anonymous  14oct2017(sa)05:21  No.54220  F  P9R8

... Meme comprehension level: 1

Listen, kid. It's becoming increasingly clear that you were diagnosed with asperger syndrome some time ago, and now you're mad at autism for existing. But you can't attack it like this. Not effectively. All you're doing is proving to everyone that you lack wit and that you're not master of your emotions or your mouth. The more you rebel, the more you play the part, the more the irony makes you hate yourself, the more you rebel. If you're capable of rational thought — which, if simplistic and belligerent grunting is par for the course with you, may be a generous assumption on my part — then you can choose to try harder and make your life better. Or you can continue with this crap in the knowledge that that other aspies are looking down on you.

>>Anonymous  14oct2017(sa)10:07  No.54225  H  P10R9
Why would they convert their shit to a near dead format?
>>Anonymous  14oct2017(sa)12:56  No.54230  I  P11R10
>I'm new here and I can't figure out Google, what is yiff?
>Here's my autistic armchair psychology and masturbatory drivel, checkmate neurotypical scum!
This isn't, you should go understand Rick and Morty with your buttbuddies, instead of wasting your precious time on us mere mortals.
>>Anonymous  15oct2017(su)05:16  No.54239  F  P12R11
Now you're really hurting my feelings. Can you tell me what facial expression goes with hurt feelings? We can work on this.
>>Anonymous  15oct2017(su)12:09  No.54242  I  P13R12
>keeps wasting his valuable time on humans instead of perfecting his homemade cold fusion reactor
Click the blue text in my previous comment, friend.
>>Anonymous  15oct2017(su)20:38  No.54255  J  P14R13
I think it's more the fact that furries need to spend more money to get their fetish catered to, meanwhile people with money that are normal get so much normal porn that they never need to spend anything.

The real question is why we are retiring a superior format.

>>Anonymous  16oct2017(mo)01:47  No.54258  F  P15R14
You seem agitated.
>>Anonymous  16oct2017(mo)12:16  No.54263  I  P16R15
lel u mad
>>Anonymous  16oct2017(mo)19:19  No.54283  OP  P17R16

The reason why they should convert their webm vids is so people can post on swfs sites.

>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)16:34  No.54307  F  P18R17
No, just... disappointed.
>>Anonymous  17oct2017(tu)16:46  No.54308  I  P19R18
k, u hella mad tho
>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)02:16  No.54339  C  P20R19
Wow, you really had the upper hand after your third comment, but then you went full retarded
Don't reply to the troll! You only end up wasting your own time, answering any of his wicked comments.
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