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>>Anonymous  1oct2017(su)20:22  No.53865  OP  P1
1472506676.spikeshi_myrtlev1.0.swf (8.7 MiB)
1920x1080, Compressed. 1345 frames, 24 fps (00:56).
Ver31, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  2oct2017(mo)15:57  No.53881  A  P2R1
Very well animated! Now make 'em bump ugly!
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)00:29  No.53885  B  P3R2
since im not a furry my favorite part was the beginning with the little balls filling the container. why not add actual 2D physics simulation to the intro?

i do recognize that the actual content looks pretty decent too, though it doesnt do anything for me

>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)06:17  No.53904  C  P4R3
This is really cute.
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)13:37  No.53918  D  P5R4
in case anyone was wondering;
yes, all the little balls can fall into the beaker.
hopefully i saved you a couple of F5s.

 2017-10-03 04_35_02-1472506676.spikeshi_myrtlev1.0....jpg

>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)00:19  No.53938  E  P6R5
For anyone wondering, the song is "DND (Do Not Destroy)" from the No More Heroes OST for the Nintendo Wii.
>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)02:55  No.53940  F  P7R6
I had to check it myself, just to be sure you're not lying.
Can't trust anyone in the internet.
Also, there is fifty of them, little balls.


>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)08:19  No.53942  G  P8R7
You can actually click on the arrows to change the song. Pretty well made flash, all in all. Shame the art isn't a little better. Still, I definitely wouldn't hate seeing more from this creator. Polish is always appreciated.
>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)09:25  No.53948  H  P9R8
>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)15:50  No.53953  I  P10R9
>he abandoned the blaziken animation to make this
>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)21:35  No.53968  B  P11R10
Thanks, I suppose.
>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)11:09  No.53983  J  P12R11
it's hard to say which would have been better

why not just finish both ffs
scraps are useless mang, put them to better use

>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)16:02  No.53984  OP  P13R12
Ehm nope, the blaziken one is the latest flash he made, this one it's more than a year old, i posted it herw because no one did.
>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)16:02  No.53985  OP  P14
Ehm nope, the blaziken one is the latest flash he made, this one it's more than a year old, i posted it here because no one did.
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