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>>Anonymous  28sep2017(th)21:45  No.53802  OP  P1
y u no work

is it just me or has swfchan suddenly stopped working in incognito mode, but is fine in normal mode, and no its not the usual problem with the
"Flash not working properly in Chrome? Here's how to fix it:
1) Go to chrome://settings/content and select "Allow sites to run Flash".
2) Go to chrome://flags/#prefer-html-over-flash and select "Disabled" from the list.
(Copy the link addresses and manually paste them into the address bar.)
Local flashes not playing offline in Firefox? Here's how to fix it:
1) Type "about:config" into your address bar and search for "plug*ht".
2) Double-click "plugins.http_https_only" to set its value to false."
i for one am stumped

>>Anonymous  29sep2017(fr)03:18  No.53805  A  P2R1
I wouldn't be surprised if it's just Google being stubborn. "Let's just make it impossible to run flash in incognito mode because there's a 0.01% chance it would leak user info." Flash can probably keep reading their "special cookies" (local shared objects) like normal regardless of the browser being in incognito mode or not that's probably Google's reasoning; if they can't contain it properly they just block it. Flash has been sentenced to death after all and they have decided that nobody cares. Sadly enough there are probably few people around nowadays that actually do care enough to complain about this to them.
>>Anonymous  29sep2017(fr)10:42  No.53818  B  P3R2
My current problem is it keeps trying to open flash's by saving them to my computer. I wouldn't mind too much but if I open it after saving it, it just redirects me to save it again in an endless cycle. Only happens on .org though, not .com
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