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>>Pasha1001  24sep2017(su)11:25  No.53661  OP  P1
Minus8 - Noko - Pasha1001_EDIT

Since people here pretty much begged me to upload something again here it is!

I "you dick sucking cunt" you too!

Minus8 - Noko - Pasha1001_EDIT.swf (1.27 MiB)
720x480, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)12:17  No.53662  A  P2
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)12:23  No.53663  B  P3R1
what's the edit?
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)12:32  No.53665  C  P4R2
(I'm breaking this rule, but please everyone pay attention)


>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)14:56  No.53672  D  P5R3
Hey Pasha, if you want to do something useful, you could make a edit of Sonic Transformed 2 to make it start in the "cheat" scene select screen. That would be cool.
>>Pasha1001  24sep2017(su)21:10  No.53682  E  P6R4
Sry but I kinda switched from edits to practicing drawing & animating. I've uploaded this one just to mess with the tards for old times sake.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)09:18  No.53710  F  P7R5
You can't draw or animate. You have to be born with that skill. You are, and always will be trash. No about of hard work and dedication will ever change that fact.
>>Pasha1001  25sep2017(mo)12:18  No.53715  G  P8R6

Not true actually everybody can do it, people just think they can't. Almost all of us draw stickman mom, dad, house, animals etc. as kids. Our brain stores that information and when we get older we draw exactly like we did before and think oh shit I can't draw. That's wrong though when drawing one needs to stop thinking and just look. Drawing basically is just copying the shapes as good as you can. Perceiving and copying bright and dark patches. It's actually pretty easy once you get this. The more you practice the better you get. You need patience though no master is born in a couple of days and it takes a long time and a lot of practice if you want to draw a line exactly the way you want it. Tracing by hand is actually a very good way to learn how to handle a pen and draw lines.

Using vector painting software makes this so much easier, you actually don't even need to be good at drawing. You just model the lines the way you need them to be. All that is needed is learning how to use the software. There is not much skill involved just patience.

>>Pasha1001  25sep2017(mo)12:18  No.53716  G  P9

You should give drawing animating a try.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)15:52  No.53722  H  P10

No one is born with a skill of any kind. That's the definition of a skill. You learn it.

You may have meant "talent", which is the affinity for a skill. You are born with (or without) that. But the most talented guy in the world who only practices occasionally won't compare to someone completely talented who has spent thousands of hours honing a skill.

>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)00:07  No.53735  I  P11
So you didn't anything, sage
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)07:48  No.53741  J  P12R7
lmao please keep uploading the angry nerdz are funny
>>Pasha1001  26sep2017(tu)12:49  No.53749  K  P13R8

Yea messing with ppl here is way too easy and a lot of fun to watch. Everyone goes apeshit over nothing. I didn't even intend to do so the first time I uploaded. But seeing how people behaved like complete retards I just went with it.

>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)13:58  No.53751  A  P14
The story of OP.
>One day Faggot accidentally stumbles into the lush meadows of the settlement known as "SFWchan"
>Faggot instantly starts acting like a faggot, haphazardly gluing his nametag on the Natives belongings while running around shouting at the Natives how he made this and that and how important he is.
>Natives are not enjoying this immense faggotry.
>Natives tell faggot that he's a faggot and he should stop acting like a faggot.
>Instead of getting a grip and attempting to fit in, Faggot instantly buttblasts himself to Pluto, forever.
>Faggot starts sperging out all over the place defending himself (Sometimes Faggot is even wearing his own nametag while doing so)
>Faggot eventually cries himself to sleep, when he wakes up he decides to leave.
>Natives live their life in happiness, shitting in the SWFchan meadows and arguing amongst themselves to weed out the faggots, as is the ancient custom.
>Suddenly one day, Faggots asshole begins itching more than usual, so he returns to the lands of SWFchan for the only cure he knows.
>Faggot reaches the gates of SWFchan and his asshole is instantly lit ablaze by his anger upon seeing the entrance
>Faggot has become Gigafaggot now!
>Faggot isn't hurt or embarrassed by SWFchan and the Natives, so he really REALLY wants them to know that he isn't hurt, at all.
>Faggot, while gritting his teeth and fighting back tears of anger, walks through the gates, on his mission to tell the Natives that they are retarded for living on their own land by their own rules
>Faggot adds that he was actually having fun watching the Natives piss of Faggot earlier.
>Uh oh, Faggot brought "friends" to defend him this time.
>Behind Faggots leg, peeking out, the natives can just about make out the head of a little pathetic, frail creature.
>The tiny, pale creature takes a shallow and pained breath, it's getting ready to say something.
>The creature hesitates for a second, before pointing at the natives, almost inaudibly muttering "lmao u mad" and then collapsing into a lifeless husk on the ground.
>Faggot hears this and is filled with energy, with his asshole still ablaze he starts fisting himself so hard and vigorously that he distorts his own perception of history
>Faggot now lying on his back, fisting his burning asshole, starts spewing his warped historical theories only breaking his rambling to moan or yelp with pain.
>FIND OUT NEXT WEEK ON "The story of OP"
>>Pasha1001  26sep2017(tu)14:26  No.53753  K  P15

It's funny how everybody thinks I'm pissed off. Nice story btw. you should animate it!

>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)17:02  No.53759  L  P16R9
Clearly, because you fucking can't.
>>Pasha1001  26sep2017(tu)17:51  No.53761  M  P17R10

You are right! I can't animate it!

>>Pasha1001  26sep2017(tu)21:34  No.53765  N  P18R11
if we're all Pasha1001, then no one is Pasha1001
>>Pasha1001  26sep2017(tu)21:51  No.53766  O  P19R12
Yes Pasha is... I mean I am a dick sucking ballfondling faggot pussy whore! THE REAL PASHA1001

No seriously I'm the real one XD

>>Pasha1001  26sep2017(tu)23:19  No.53767  B  P20R13
This. Wonder why so few are using a tripcode these days?
>>Pasha1001  27sep2017(we)12:15  No.53776  P  P21R14
Fuck! I just got fucking rekt! But I'm not angry *wink wink nudge nudge*

*Starts guzzling Prozac*

>>Anonymous  27sep2017(we)20:56  No.53783  Q  P22R15
The novely of trip fagging will wear off. In a short while you'll look back and think of how much of a fag you were being.

Coming from an ex tripfagger

>>Pasha1001  28sep2017(th)03:34  No.53792  R  P23R16
my name jeff
>>Pasha1001  28sep2017(th)12:44  No.53795  P  P24R17
Doh, me so stupid, sorry. My parents were brother and sister so u haav 2 forgive me. butt jokes on you cause i can't get any more homosexual
>>Anonymous  28sep2017(th)13:03  No.53796  S  P25
>>Anonymous  29sep2017(fr)20:56  No.53822  T  P26R18
i got a good laugh, now it's back to fapping
>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)21:14  No.53990  U  P27R19
Welp, Pasha or no Pasha.
Good one, I have to say. That mario/koopa autism made it too degenerate for me. Now it's just awesome minus8 style porn!
If you made the eventual edit of this caliber and not flood the front page with minor shit edits in flv format, all the butthurtz wouldn't even have happened, OP.
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