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>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)02:22  No.53607  OP  P1
PP34 Paya


PayaTF PP34.swf (5.95 MiB)
626x630, Compressed. 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)03:03  No.53608  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)03:15  No.53609  B  P3R2
So, what's this stolen from?
>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)17:06  No.53630  C  P4R3
Wheres the mario sounds?
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)02:13  No.53643  D  P5R4
It's not bad. Thanks for the upload OP!
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)04:34  No.53645  E  P6R5
its terrible
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)06:00  No.53646  F  P7R6
What are you dudes talking about? It's great, and it's the only Paya swf we've got. do you just not like it because its PP34?
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)07:08  No.53647  G  P8R7
The same people who hate peachypop and call her a "fat whale" are likely the same losers who follow gamergate and unironically hate feminism.

Shoot em all, I say.

>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)07:19  No.53648  H  P9R8
The reason why she was getting shit was because of the coco picture being a trace,that was it basically's pretty petty to continue to hate her for good animations.
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)08:06  No.53650  I  P10R9
or maybe because they're just bad and the tracing is the icing on the cake that is shitting on this artist. the speed is just the same animation sped up across 4 option with the 4th being silly and stupid, PP's facial animations continue to be trash tier seeing how they barely know how facial structure works enough to make a face that actually looks good, it pretty much shows they're not actually that good at both art and animation after they tried to stop tracing
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)11:10  No.53659  F  P11R10
compared to what or who though? What other flash animator is making porn this quality at this speed? Minus 8 comes to mind, but I can't think of anyone else. Whentai is nasty, zone takes a good forever, and most the other people have quit.
They're good animations compared to most other animations, and even better compared to porn or swf. It's okay to not like it, but saying it's bad is genuinely wrong.
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)12:31  No.53664  J  P12
The same people who hate bitchychub's haters and think they are "gamergate" are likely the same whiteknights who orbits bitchychub and unironically wants to respect her.

Hang 'em all, I say.

>What other flash animator is making porn this quality at this speed?
Really ruminates the rhubarbs, doesn't it?
>but saying it's bad is genuinely wrong.
Subjective, faggot.

>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)18:48  No.53677  K  P13
>Who produces art fast at this rate?
Funny way to spell trace, copy and paste
>They're good
See above you dense fucking, faggot
Kill yourself
Learn to bait properly, nigger
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)21:52  No.53684  F  P14
Well what do you think is good?
>>Anonymous  24sep2017(su)22:07  No.53685  J  P15
Long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners. What I like won't help your argument in any way.
I could tell you that the apex of art is literal dogshit on a string and you still wouldn't have a leg to stand on in this.

Fuck off mate.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)02:59  No.53698  H  P16R11
Wasn't 4 different speeds the base of all animation with options you see it in very animation,and facial is alright it don't need to look realistic because most of the time it look dumb or bad.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)03:02  No.53700  L  P17R12
You can tell she didn't steal this one because it looks worse than usual. Pretty sure Nitro's DMCA takedown threat changed things.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)03:02  No.53701  L  P18
>What other flash animator is making porn this quality at this speed?
>porn this quality

I saw a dog take two shits yesterday

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)03:46  No.53702  M  P19R13
lmao at all the people crying over free hentai animations. Would you all rather it not even exist? you should all kys
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)05:50  No.53705  N  P20R14
Honestly traced PoS not existing would be better for all of us.

Actual talented artists get mad and quit drawing over shit like tracing.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)07:54  No.53707  O  P21R15
Nobody knows how to leave constructive criticism anymore. Holy shit.

Breast movements seem unnatural, and I breasts aren't really shaped like that either. Also, you should see the pressure between the tits and the cock, and the breasts don't really look like they're attached when they move.
The blush is a little overdone, and the arms are a bit out of proportion.

But the face isn't too bad, and at least there's a clear style here. The addition of the costume was a nice detail, but it could use a little more detail, especially on the "sleeves".

The line art could use more variance. It's part of what's causing the tits to look so disjointed. But mostly, it's the overly ball shape of them.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)09:26  No.53712  F  P22R16
Whatd nitro do that got a DMCA?
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)11:12  No.53713  P  P23R17
I see that the PPIDF is out in full force tonight. Probably just the whale behind several proxies.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)15:29  No.53720  Q  P24
>Muh free hentai
How many times do you fags use that argument?
You really suck at shilling
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)15:56  No.53723  R  P25

Agreed. So much samefagging in this thread.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)16:06  No.53724  S  P26
Well the landwhale itself posted here some time ago, the chubby coward didn't use a name/tripcode unlike Rockcandy or Pharaoh. Basically the blobfish sent it's white knights to shill as a last resort.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)19:35  No.53728  H  P27R18
Really when I'll like to see this or is it the coco one.

I actually like her work.

>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)04:20  No.53738  T  P28R19
underage b&
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)08:20  No.53742  L  P29R20
Nitro didn't do anything, PeachyPop stole his artwork for "her" Coco flash and he filed a complaint on Patreon. "She" later e-mailed him an apology.

We don't leave constructive criticism here because most of the time the artist themselves aren't even aware of the threads. That, plus the anon factor, makes it boil down to "I like this" or "THEY MUST DIE".

>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)09:30  No.53743  U  P30R21
I like PP and hate both of those jokes of movements.
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)13:04  No.53750  J  P31
>calls other people underage b&
>uses 11 quotation links
You can quote the entire thread until your mouse breaks if you want, but you're still not gonna get that rancid, obese, yeasty, blobhole, you know that right?
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)15:17  No.53754  V  P32R22

Not everyone is a bad at taking care of their hygiene as you are, anon.

>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)15:29  No.53756  J  P33
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)18:32  No.53762  I  P34R23
multiple speeds is a good thing to have in animations and is pretty hard to fuck up, unless you fuck it up like this where its just furiously jiggling the puppet animation without actually putting effort into how the movement actually looks. Normally something like 3 and 4 for a flash like this would probably be more accurately an actual full base to head titfuck instead of just squishing her tits in a way that makes it look like shes barely doing anything.

as for the face its fucking horrible, PP's faces are always terrible. face shapes are always weird, foreheads are huge, theres usually one eye thats hanging off the face, paya's fucking chin.

why do you need a comparison to believe something is just bad? I'm willing to admit that PP shows promise but they definitely need to work on their art more before they actually start putting stuff out of quality. you're looking at it through rose coloured glasses purely because it moves. its flash animation with puppetry, doesnt automatically make everything the best thing ever.

>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)19:42  No.53763  H  P35R24
I wouldn't say she make faces terrible. Paya already have a big forehead,the chin is understandable,but the only faces that are bad is this one and TwinTelle's but all of them not even close awful.
>>Anonymous  26sep2017(tu)23:35  No.53768  W  P36R25
>>Anonymous  27sep2017(we)12:19  No.53777  X  P37R26

Also we don't leave constructive criticism here because PP fucking steals artwork!

>>Anonymous  27sep2017(we)22:28  No.53784  Y  P38R27
Why can't we all just get along
>>Anonymous  28sep2017(th)00:04  No.53786  P  P39R28
Because PeachyPoop is a fucking thief and she needs to pay!
>>Anonymous  28sep2017(th)01:10  No.53790  H  P40R29
This is the internet the only time people get along is for massive trolling and small things.but I feel ya
Well she already did.She apologize to nitro,had her reputation tarnished,anything else is kinda of unnecessary.Justice had came and went.
>>Anonymous  29sep2017(fr)16:18  No.53819  Z  P41R30
she apologized.
>>Anonymous  30sep2017(sa)10:22  No.53835  AA  P42R31
swfchan the type of niggers who value skill and originality regardless of if the swf is fappable
typical elitists
>>Anonymous  30sep2017(sa)13:29  No.53838  L  P43R32
You sure showed them! What are you, 12?
>>Anonymous  2oct2017(mo)13:29  No.53878  O  P44R33
So why are you not fighting against the likes of Bato and everything from Famous Toons Facial and These people don't just trace once then stop when they're called out for it- nearly every drawing and animation they've done is traced directly from something.

But I don't see you acting like an asshole, foaming at the mouth, in their animation threads.

>>Anonymous  2oct2017(mo)14:12  No.53880  J  P45
We don't see you acting like a whiteknight, foaming at the dick, in their animation threads.
>>Anonymous  2oct2017(mo)17:06  No.53882  AB  P46
If you paid any attention, everything unoriginal and stolen gets shat on, including your sacred tub of lard, faggot
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)08:38  No.53910  O  P47
"White knight"
10/10 original insult
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)08:40  No.53911  O  P48
You're right.
I'm sorry that I find Link's curvaceous ass super yummy.
And dick cheese is fucking delicious.
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)08:43  No.53912  O  P49
Also, the only right way to eat massive dicks is with a tub of lard and some sharp cheddar.
So I'll give you props for that, even though otherwise, your behavior indicates that you're a disgusting human unfit for child rearing or any form of reproduction.
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)08:52  No.53913  O  P50
Just for the record, I'm referring to your behavior, not who you are. I don't know you. I'm sure you're probably an all right guy otherwise. Maybe you just take your anger from having an unfulfilling job and a slowly crumbling marriage out on artists who you think deserve it. Maybe you have no outlet to express your rage, because you avoid confrontation IRL. I don't know.
I'm just saying you're acting like a real piece of shit. Not necessarily that you are one, fundamentally.
Though I suppose it's possible you are, if this is how you act IRL.
>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)12:35  No.53915  J  P51
>tfw you're so buttblasted, that in the span of 15 minutes, you feel the need to make 4 posts defending yourself.
>>Anonymous  4oct2017(we)15:47  No.53952  AC  P52R34
This has none of those qualities.
>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)10:10  No.53982  K  P53
Someone is seriously rectally ravaged
>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)23:13  No.53997  AD  P54
How nice of you to point out every comment and greentext with no content. I wouldn't have been able to tell they were from a single person otherwise, eh anon?

Fucking stop trying to win internet arguments and bring some actual criticism. Even if it is "it's shit".
Sounds to me as if you don't even know any other good porn creators. Maybe you're just here to barf over every word some anon typed on a chanboard or not.

Personally, I don't really have anything to say about this flash.
It's ok, nothing too mindblowing going on.
The uncircumcised dick option was a nice touch.

>>sigh...  6oct2017(fr)21:13  No.54026  AE  P55R35

pretty standard of pp34 when she can't plagiarize other people's work

>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)21:24  No.54029  J  P56
Piss weak bait my man.
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