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>>Anonymous  21sep2017(th)00:49  No.53532  OP  P1
He did make something behind it, if anyone cares.

ghost(edit).swf (21.19 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  21sep2017(th)01:41  No.53535  A  P2R1
Sometimes its the little things that matter.
Thanks man.
>>Anonymous  21sep2017(th)05:56  No.53549  B  P3R2
Just a line but it's still important that he put it there. Thanks for the edit, friend!
>>Anonymous  21sep2017(th)09:18  No.53552  C  P4R3
haha of course he did! thank you anon and thank you -8
now if only there was more nudity in the thing
>>Anonymous  21sep2017(th)09:21  No.53553  D  P5R4
well you could just remove all the blue portions of there clothes when they switch to the underwear part , if you know how to make and or edit flash files that is . i only know so much as to do very minor things tho
>>Anonymous  21sep2017(th)17:54  No.53560  E  P6R5
It can only be removed in a few scenes, otherwise they become floating legs and torso like Rayman. Also, it causes some graphical glitches. Maybe more can be done if it is decompiled and exported to flash.


>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)05:07  No.53574  D  P7R6
we need more edits of this flash ;)
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)09:12  No.53578  F  P8R7
What Decompiler you used to open it OP? Whatever I use seems to crash.
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)09:40  No.53579  OP  P9R8
I have Sothink for viewing, but I use JPEXS for editing. Anyone have any other suggestions, I'm open.

On a side note, there is a swf that I cannot edit without the file crashing afterwords. Anyone got another editor besides the two I mentioned?

I've made other edits, but they're mostly for my own enjoyment. I don't think you guys would care about em

>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)11:35  No.53582  G  P10R9
I care. :'d
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)15:10  No.53587  H  P11R10
me cares too
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)16:25  No.53590  I  P12R11
thare shud be a nude version
>>Anonymous  23sep2017(sa)08:12  No.53619  D  P13R12
i second this :3
>>Nanonymous  1oct2017(su)00:19  No.53849  J  P14R13
    Anonymous 22sep2017(fr)16:25 No.53590 There is now :)
>>Anonymous  1oct2017(su)11:24  No.53858  K  P15R14
Piss off, you cancerous faggot.
>>Anonymous  1oct2017(su)15:34  No.53862  L  P16R15
um fla. file please?
>>Anonymous  1oct2017(su)22:50  No.53866  M  P17R16
I tried making an fla out of this, but it takes forever to save.
You can do so by exporting the movieclip with all the animations as swf with the latest ffdec nightly, then import that into a new document.
But it takes forever to save and I'm not even sure if it's doing anything.
>>Anonymous  2oct2017(mo)05:13  No.53870  D  P18R17
post file?
>>Anonymous  16oct2017(mo)02:14  No.54259  N  P19R18
Not sure why you did this considering this already has an uncensored version with total nudity, and the person who uploaded it also added the ability to seek by frame. Shit was on the popular lists for a while too.
>>Anonymous  16oct2017(mo)16:13  No.54274  O  P20R19
Look at the dates this one and the other one were posted.
>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)01:55  No.54334  P  P21R20
Anon, you do know that when you bump a thread it is above other threads, that were posted after said thread.
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