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>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)15:12  No.53432  OP  P1
Wait a minute...

I thought something was strange.
Normally if you click on a filename (except the .swf) it takes you to the html wrapper. If you click the swf it gets directly to the file.

Now the behavior is inverted. Clicking the filename takes you directly to the swf.
Was that a change on purpose or is firegoy acting up again?

>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)15:39  No.53436  OP  P2
Nvm, I just read the Easylist announcement, it's because of the same old song, that it doesn't work properly on swfchan with blocked scripts. I had the same problem while enabling Adblocking. The newly opened tabs would just close immediately afterwards (like Ad-Tabs). Found a workaround, that works if you don't (left)click them, but use middle mouse button instead (it opens links natively in firefox in a new tab).
Just didn't notice because I disabled the blocker on swfchan.

What a sad thing, those jerks can just remove such an imporant feature indirectly. I think most users don't know that there are actually two links in a swf hotlink on .org.
Welp, thread can into oblivion now.

>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)23:33  No.53446  A  P3R1
The workaround doesn't work for all adblockers, I always open tabs with middle mouse button and the plugin I got would still think it was a popup and close the tab as soon as I opened it.
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)08:19  No.53465  B  P4R2
Where's that announcement?
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)08:30  No.53467  A  P5R3
>>Anonymous  20sep2017(we)04:08  No.53498  OP  P6R4
Yeah, now that you mention it, I tried enabling the blocker again and it doesn't work anymore. I'm almost 100% certain it worked in the past though. Got uBlock Origin.
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