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>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)01:53  No.53331  OP  P1
Thank you for releasing the swf file!

Zone - Chel (The Road to El Dorado).swf (6.33 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 166 frames, 24 fps (00:07).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)04:03  No.53333  A  P2R1
Somewhat disappointing in terms of expectations, but at least we got some good porn of Chel.
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)05:19  No.53335  B  P3R2
Simple but, really really well executed. Matches the animation fluidity of the film as well as the art style perfectly.

Could be longer of course, but I'm definitely happy with this.

>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)05:22  No.53336  C  P4R3
I saw this at first and thought, "it's alright", but it grew on me and I really like it after watching some loops.
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)06:43  No.53339  D  P5R4
Eh,it's alright.
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)10:29  No.53342  E  P6R5
same loop with 2 different outcomes. Didnt saw that 2nd one coming~
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)12:59  No.53346  F  P7R6
>no butt
>no thick tights
>no DSL

Zone is no longer Zone.

>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)13:04  No.53347  G  P8R7
Zone has died and a bad impostor has taken the seat.
Shite sux mah manz.
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)15:59  No.53350  H  P9R8
this is what we get now? Shame.
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)18:22  No.53352  I  P10R9
That's some good chel
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)19:40  No.53355  J  P11R10
Zone is trying too hard to match the original style rather than making it his own.
If he made the interactive flash animations again that'd be a good change of pace, but now it's just scene selection and loops.
>>Anonymous  16sep2017(sa)20:11  No.53357  C  P12R11
>Zone is trying too hard to match the original style rather than making it his own.
yes, that's nearly every Zone flash
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)08:23  No.53377  K  P13R12
I miss his thick lines so much man
>>Jesus  17sep2017(su)11:04  No.53378  L  P14R13
Zone's still alive?

it's a nice little miniflash but i missed when zone poured his/her heart and soul into creating INTERACTIVE animations like Kill la kill or violet and laborn
watching this Gif with sound (at least with cum animations) is nice, but this wasn't the zone quality i once known...

>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)15:22  No.53383  M  P15R14
this is actually a really good flash, but some anons have acquired too many harmful paraphilias to enjoy it. You guys should do a no fap challenge, let's say for a month. You'll perceive sexuality in normal way, you'll be more satisfied by both your life and your fap. I am no one special and it worked for me so I guess it can work for anyone.
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)15:24  No.53384  M  P16
btw I used to be a fucking furfag which I'm no more. I mean I can appreciate some anthro and other shit, but It's a delicacy, not my standard sexuality. I'm heterosexual by default.
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)16:45  No.53388  N  P17R15
what is the secret in this loop?
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)19:13  No.53390  F  P18R16
Compare it with Pantystocking loop or Juri loop.

This is bad, really bad, a excuse of a loop. Wouldn't surprise me if zone is dead/retired and someone else bought the name and is dumping shit, or he is outsourcing and dumping shit for easy money.

It's really weird how someone can become so low quality, lazy, cheap and uncaring about details.

>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)19:38  No.53391  G  P19R17
>bad is actually good if you just lower your standards enough
"harmful paraphilias" has nothing to do with this being garbage, Sherlock.
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)19:39  No.53393  O  P20R18
A Chel porn animation that doesn't take advantage of her huge hips. Such wasted potential.
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)23:42  No.53402  P  P21R19
I seem to remember Zone said somewhere that they don't like working with the "game" format those used for whatever reason. It sucks in my opinion because I still think the midna flash is one of the best but I guess I understand that viewpoint.
>>Anonymous  18sep2017(mo)16:53  No.53439  Q  P22R20
Well, for a zone-mini it's great quality. He even said it is not to rival his main animations, but to draw a real animation frame to frame, rather than tweening models.
Also everything KillaKill and post is not par with his prior work even. I thought the Ryuuko flash was really lame and could have gone 1000 other ways, for a show that was already this H to begin with, it's bad. And then he went full indie shit. So yeah. This is probably one of the better zone flashes.
And having two cum scenes really sets it apart from a "gif with (original voice!) sound".

Must say though
Was expecting some more hips EXTRATHICC together with this loincloth she was wearing. Could have been some nice ass in here.

I suspect that since he went full twittershit actually (~skullgirls).

>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)05:14  No.53458  R  P23R21
Zone has been focusing more on the artwork than actual visually stimulating smut for a while now.
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)07:07  No.53460  S  P24R22
Nothing is good enough for you faggots is it? You are all looking at the past through rose tinted glasses, this flash is as good as zone ever was.
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)11:30  No.53472  T  P25R23

At least Zone is still making porn, which is surprising since he hangs out with hardcore SJWs like Mariel "KILL ALL WHITE MALE SCUM" Cartwright and Alex "FUCK DRUMPF AND FUCK WYPIPO" Ahad. And don't get me started on ((((MIKE Z))))).

>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)12:34  No.53473  G  P26R24
>look mom, I quoted the whole thread!
You're looking at the present through e-celeb cum stained glasses. Zone has done better and you know it.
>>Anonymous  19sep2017(tu)15:28  No.53475  U  P27R25
>Zone is trying too hard to match the original style
But that's the good thing.
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)00:23  No.53570  V  P28R26
You idiots do realize he's made mini loops before right? Just because it isn't a big animation or interactive game does not mean it's bad by any means. I mean some of his minis are some of his best looking too. Like the Tinkerbell one which looks exactly like fucking Tinkerbell. I'm still not over how uncanny it was.

I'd rather he take things slow and focus on emulating the original style than pumping out sub-par shit on an original style every week. It's why I follow Zone at all.

However, yes the loop could've been a BIT better and yeah it can always be better but I'm satisfied with what we got anyways. It looks and animates exactly like the film and her expressions are always priceless.

>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)16:35  No.53591  W  P29R27
"Secret" is that he cums inside the first time but puts it in her ass the second time. Then it loops back around again.
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)19:37  No.53599  X  P30R28
Is there any way to control the scene selection to watch the ass one on loop?
>>SombodyYouHate  22sep2017(fr)22:33  No.53603  Y  P31R29
Nice to see that ppl here still suck balls :P Zones minis were always this way quality wise. If you want something better make it better nobody is stopping you.
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)02:27  No.53695  M  P32R30
your perception is damaged by harsh upbringing isn't it?
>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)02:56  No.53697  Z  P33R31
God I miss old Zone. These Minis are fine but they all kinda feel the same. Back during the Interactive Flash game days, I was always excited when I saw Zone release something.

Nowadays, whenever I see a mini come out, I don't even bother viewing it for a few days, like this one, for example. When I saw the release of this "flash" I was like "oh.., ok", and left it alone for 3 days. This would never happen with old Zone.

>>Anonymous  25sep2017(mo)12:23  No.53717  G  P34
>>Anonymous  28sep2017(th)00:11  No.53787  S  P35R32
Yet another in a longer series of disappointments. Fucking kill yourself, Zone. You're all washed up and no one likes you anymore.
>>Anonymous  28sep2017(th)00:39  No.53789  AA  P36R33
What I'm saying isn't exactly targeted only to you but could it be that you're just getting older? I mean when you are younger everything is new and you could get more excited about something since you haven't seen it as much in your life. How many times can you keep getting really excited about porn releases? Sure you appreciate stuff and enjoy them but it's not like you haven't seen anything like it before.

Guess what I'm saying is I don't know what the heck people are expecting from Zone in order to think he deserves a simple "good job" comment these days. Is the poor guy meant to surpass himself every day of his life and keep innovating and surprising all the way to death? Comparing his new and old creations side by side they look the same to me, often better in the new version to be honest.

>>Anonymous  29sep2017(fr)01:10  No.53804  AB  P37R34

snowflake alert

Flash was short, but still liked it. Could've been thicker.

>>Anonymous  30sep2017(sa)07:32  No.53825  AC  P38R35
After doing Ghostbusters he could have just quit the internet and that would have been fine, so anything else that comes after that is just extra.
>>Anonymous  30sep2017(sa)09:16  No.53826  Z  P39R36
Ehh, you could be right. It's just, I WANT to like it, because I know the quality Zone produces, but I just can't. Even with the ghostbusters one. I KNOW Zone placed alot of time and effort for that long flash(and it shows), BUT I personally only liked 15 seconds of ONE scene in that flash. I even watched it twice.

I could just be outgrowing her...

>>Anonymous  3oct2017(tu)05:29  No.53902  AD  P40R37
Having that many braincells around here must be some sort of offense.

What you said is exactly right. People get wrapped up in their emotions blinding them to reality. A conspicuous example is nostalgia; people prefer old games like Morrowind and disdain any successor failing to invoke the thrill they felt playing the first. What they do not realize is that their feeling of nostalgia simply originates in the fact that they were exploring something completely new at their time of playing and that they're completely oblivious to any improvements. Much like an angry person is far less likely to be agreeable than someone happy.

I don't await any more of Zone's work, but I appreciate it for it's astonishing quality. The frame by frame animation really shows off and it's a rare art to master these days. Id est, for me the surprise has worn off, and I acknowledge that - rather than irrationally trying to point at flaws that aren't actually there.

>>Anonymous  5oct2017(th)22:20  No.53994  Q  P41R38
The ghostbusters "special version" release, which was released later on christmas or something, containing a voiceover for most of those "music video style" scenes in the 2nd half is much more fappable imo, if you haven't tried that.

Would also suggest ZONE COLLECTION guy to replace it with that or at least add it.

Also, "her", huheuheuheuhe.
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