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>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)00:10  No.52808  OP  P1
I don't get this one

CocoHJ PP34.swf (6.15 MiB)
626x630, Compressed. 1 frame, 25 fps (00:00).
Ver36, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)00:33  No.52809  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)00:53  No.52811  B  P3R2
is it the color you dont get? because we can fix that
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)00:54  No.52812  C  P4R3
>mario "buhwow" effect when she strokes it
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)03:38  No.52815  D  P5R4
Who'd have thought Peachy Pop has real animation skill? Based on her constant stream of half-assed Snapchat porn flashes I thought she was a crap artist looking to make a quick buck on Patreon.
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)06:40  No.52817  E  P6R5
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)06:59  No.52818  F  P7R6
He might be swedish and not know they come in that color.
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)08:26  No.52820  G  P8R7
The artist she copied is probably nitro, one of the best crash bandicoot/ donkey kong artist
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)08:59  No.52821  H  P9
Patreon whore still can't anime and draw properly
Templates, tracing and copying everywhere. This shit is hideous
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)09:18  No.52822  I  P10R8 thro-bandicoot-barefoot-big_breasts-

Here's the where she copied for the flash

>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)09:46  No.52825  OP  P11R9
Wew, that's pretty convincing.
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)18:43  No.52835  J  P12R10
what the fuck is that dick though? i usually like uncircumcised but jesus christ
>>Jesus  27aug2017(su)18:51  No.52836  K  P13R11
This bitch again...

-lazy animation check
-not sex (handjob is just masturbation)
-sound files don't match

seriously, if people nowadays fund ant simulators and blow the money on booze and hookers
the animated porn market is ripe for scamming

i'ed support taifunriders and Lustylizard
but artists like PP34 and famous toons facial are nothing more than parasites...

>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)19:33  No.52837  L  P14R12
Can someone edit out the huge fucking vein? I don't give a shit about the foreskin, I can deal, but the vein is hideous and distracting.
>>Anonymous  27aug2017(su)19:42  No.52838  M  P15
>I thought she was a fat crap artist attention whoring to make a quick buck on Patreon.
You were right.
>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)00:17  No.52843  B  P16R13
lulz cuz im a swede
>>Anonymous  28aug2017(mo)17:28  No.52863  D  P17R14
Yep, the hair/ear is literally copy and pasted (same exactly shading and shine) and so is the arm against her hip (exact same lines) plus the whole body type is extremely similar in every single detail.

PeachyPop is cancer.

>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)01:34  No.52865  N  P18R15
Damn, talk about easy money.
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)09:05  No.52872  C  P19R16
>people still complain about PP34
>no complaining on the rest of the vastly shitty swfs here
If you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to jerk to it. Nobody is forcing you to shill for her patreon. Nobody cares if its traced, reskinned, or anything.
I swear you guys just get off to each other hating it
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)11:01  No.52873  O  P20R17
>complaining about people complaining about PP34
>has a hissy fit over barely audible sound effects >>52812
Why don't you go do better mr. critic hmmm?
>>Anonymous  29aug2017(tu)21:35  No.52879  P  P21R18
I don't give two fucks about PeachyPop or any other hack flash artists, but I do think it's a good thing people are exposing these things. If it convinces even few people to not throw Patreon $$ at scam artists who mooch off other people's work then it's all good.
>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)02:59  No.52880  Q  P22R19

You are right from your point of view, leave much to be desired, the little content they leave. They should at least try more sex in their tits, anal and vaginal.

>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)05:49  No.52884  R  P23R20

B-but she has a vagoo, I need to give m'lady some money.

>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)08:26  No.52887  S  P24R21
Reminder that PP34 doesn't charge up front so you can literally get this shit for free. Not that I'd expect the underage kiddos here who don't understand the concept of money, let alone a credit card, to understand this simple fact.
>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)08:50  No.52888  T  P25R22
Don't know why people complain about something being animated.
Its good
Nice climax
and the style is nice even if it is copied.
a picture is good but if its animated its even better.
>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)11:37  No.52890  U  P26R23

If you ever created something in your life, you would understand how low is to copy someone without giving credits.

>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)12:20  No.52892  M  P27
Reminder that bulls don't charge up front for their shit so you can literally get this shit for free to compost your own cattle manure fertilizers. Not that I'd expect the underage kiddos here who don't understand the concept of fertilizers, let alone gardening, to understand this simple fact.
>>Nyanonymous  30aug2017(we)17:48  No.52894  V  P28R24
There are a lot of "artists" (almost everyone) that copy from others.
For example: They copy the art style from tv show characters.
I never saw anyone complain about copy the artwork at those images, flash games, whatever.
Maybe this is ok, but never copy the copy?

I agree, it is very similar to the linked image...

>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)20:20  No.52895  P  P29R25
Imitating character model to create your own art featuring said character is not even close to being the same as copying a picture's linework, colors and shading almost 1:1 and then claiming you created it. True, you're using someone else's character design in both cases, but in former you need to understand the design and what basic shapes were used to create it and then how to apply the model to create a new piece of artwork. Ultimately while the piece features someone else's character design, it's a new piece of artwork.

Additionally, most fan artists aren't asking for money for their artwork. Making money with art that uses someone else's character designs I'm fairly sure is illegal without the owner's permission and could be ended should the owner of the design wish it.

>>Anonymous  30aug2017(we)20:25  No.52896  W  P30R26
There's a difference between someone creating something in "style" of an existing series or artist when it is made clear that that is the intended purpose, and another person creating something by using existing assets from another person. Now, we could be fine with the latter if the person in question was bothering to cite her sources, as would be expected of someone who would like to be known as a professional, but PP34 does not. Citing your sources is a common practice in any field involving derivative work; if PP34 isn't citing her sources, it means she's trying to say that everything she's done, at least in this flash, is her own, when it is clearly not.
>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)00:43  No.52897  T  P31R27
If someone take my art style to make a good animation I wouldn't even be fazed.
If it was bad people would just shit on the person.
if they copied the picture from the site to make money like you see scammers in conventions than yea I would be pissed.
>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)06:19  No.52900  D  P32R28
PeachyPop literally copy and pasted the character model, she only changed the eyes. It's not using the same "art style" it's using a crop tool to STEAL already existing art.

Fuck PeachyPop, she's an obese, greedy no-talent bimbo bitch with literally zero redeeming qualities

>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)07:19  No.52902  C  P33R29
Who cares? It's hot.
>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)15:12  No.52911  T  P34R30
Why the fuck should anyone care its good
Its 10x better than the whentai trash that be here.
>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)16:37  No.52919  X  P35R31
you can't just "edit out" a visual property
I doubt the vein is its own animated object put on top of the penis, the dong just looks that way man, just live with it or draw a new one, then I'll do the editing
>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)19:02  No.52920  S  P36R32
You sound offended, and that's funny to me.
>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)20:26  No.52921  M  P37
You use a text-to-speech to browse SWFchan, and that's funny to me.
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)01:42  No.52926  Y  P38R33
She isn't gonna be making money of tracing much longer ;)
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)01:42  No.52927  Y  P39
She isn't gonna be making money off of tracing much longer ;)
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)02:35  No.52928  Z  P40R34
She isn't gonna be making money offf of tracing much longer ;)
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)02:36  No.52929  Z  P41
She isn't gonna be making money offf off of tracing much longer ;)
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)06:22  No.52931  C  P42R35
Who cares if shes making money from tracing though? She's not taking ANYTHING from you. The only people she's taking money from are the people who want to support her stuff.
That's like seeing somebody sell popsicles to somebody else on a street corner, going up to them and saying "Those popsicles are JUST LIKE another popsicle Ive seen so fuck you"
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)07:03  No.52933  AA  P43R36
She is stealing from other peoples hard work though and profiting off of it which makes her a massive faggot.
>>Anonymous  1sep2017(fr)10:14  No.52937  T  P44R37
Just go to Nitro and tell him
>>Anonymous  2sep2017(sa)16:36  No.52980  AB  P45

You're a huge beta bitch, little man. Try again you fucking schizo

>>Anonymous  6oct2017(fr)06:42  No.54011  AC  P46R38
Nitro already knows. He filed a complaint on Patreon and got an apology from her.
>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)07:42  No.54040  AD  P47R39
Still Pretty shitty that it takes a DCMA for them to admit that they were wrong, and that 'Giving credit to original content creators without permission is wrong,' even though they did not credit them in the first place until someone called them out.

Yet, all they really learned is that not too many people like their original content, so they have to just steal from smaller, non-active artists.

>>Anonymous  7oct2017(sa)08:34  No.54042  AB  P48
The landwhale will not stop stealing and tracing shit, though.
>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)11:11  No.54092  AE  P49R40
Kind of ironic that people call PP34 a thief for tracing "artwork" from someone who makes nudes of videogame characters.

Really makes you :thunk: dun it?

>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)11:52  No.54093  AF  P50R41
The difference is, the artists draw their "artwork" from scratch, using the characters as a reference.
What peachy pop does is takes someone elses image, crops out the character, cuts it into pieces (hair, head etc.). Then makes a quick animation using said pieces, (or just pastes the pieces over a -8 animation).

Now, this would be fine on it's own. However A. She doesn't credit the artist she got the base image from, basically claiming it as her own. B. Doesn't ask any of the artists for permission. C. Makes money off said animations (with 640 idiots each throwing some amount of money above 1$ at her), and none of it goes back to the original images creators.

If she simply credited the original artist, she'd atleast be somewhat respectable. But she doesn't.

>>Anonymous  8oct2017(su)12:49  No.54094  M  P51
>another L.A.R.D contractor casually pops up to defend their Blob
Really cultivates the carrots, doesn't it?
>>Anonymous  10oct2017(tu)15:52  No.54134  AG  P52R42
Whatever. Shitty artist traces shitty art from slightly less shitty artist. I just wish the mouthbreathers around here could come up with something better than "lol she's so fat" over and over.
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)01:14  No.54138  AH  P53R43
Fuckin lol
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)09:16  No.54145  AI  P54R44

She is fat though.

>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)12:32  No.54148  AE  P55R45
This. In the end, whoever she stole that art from is still a fat autist on the internet drawing porn off some fucking furry from a kiddies game.
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)13:22  No.54149  M  P56
You need to turn it down a notch if you want anyone to bite.
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)15:14  No.54151  AG  P57R46
So are like 90% of the posters here.
>>Anonymous  11oct2017(we)21:18  No.54161  AJ  P58R47
I'm not fat I'm just big boned
>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)07:58  No.54172  AC  P59R48
90% of the posters here don't sell traces of someone else's art.
>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)08:28  No.54174  AK  P60R49
W  O  A  H
O   O
A        A
H            H
>>Anonymous  12oct2017(th)17:35  No.54184  AL  P61R50
See, "thief", "talentless hack", etc. Much better insults. But no, the drooling horde can't come up with anything but "FAT".
>>Anonymous  13oct2017(fr)08:51  No.54192  AM  P62R51
For the archive.


>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)09:28  No.54347  AN  P63R52
But..... those insults HAVE been used in this thread. She was even called CANCER at some point, which (I'm going to assume you know this) is literally the worst thing to have in your life, right after AIDS.

Personally I don't know her, I'm not throwing money at her, if this thread is anything to go off of she's most likely a cunt, and she isn't Zone. However, Coco is my shit and I came, so who gives a fuck? What are we gonna start a /fap/gate or something?

>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)17:42  No.54355  AO  P64R53
I don't really get the idea that any art was ever stolen for this flash given that she did credit crap-man for her futa Shantae handjob, which was clearly a direct trace. I'm sure if she did trace someone's art for this flash she would have credited the person, it's not like she hasn't done it before.

That's kind of pushing it, only the pose is similar

>>Anonymous  18oct2017(we)20:20  No.54357  G  P65R54
i'm sorry for you but she admitted it that she traced nitro's coco, so it's not really pushing it (the body structure is the same the hair is the same, the only thing that is different are her eyes and mouth) and for the nail in the coffin i will give you this: 9427201
>>Anonymous  21oct2017(sa)18:27  No.54441  X  P66R55
>CANCER ... is literally the worst thing to have in your life, right after AIDS.
Please, god, tell me you aren't serious with this comment.
>>Anonymous  22oct2017(su)09:05  No.54453  AP  P67R56
Right? Like they never heard of having kids.
>>Anonymous  22oct2017(su)21:59  No.54457  AQ  P68R57
I rather to believe that the whiteknights are trolls.

I can't withstand the idea that really exist human males so backless to unironically defend this just because she may have a vagina.

>>Anonymous  23oct2017(mo)07:38  No.54463  AP  P69R58
They're people who support her and feel the need to defend giving money to a thief because they realized they're dumb.
>>Anonymous  23oct2017(mo)08:46  No.54466  AR  P70R59
need vag anal oral ect...
>>Anonymous  24oct2017(tu)22:19  No.54530  AS  P71R60
it's almost a month and she didn't post even a message on her patreon, did she kicked the bucket?
>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)05:19  No.54548  AT  P72R61
and I can't believe there are people so autistically buttmad about a somewhat lazy artist just because she has a vagina, but that's the world we live in
>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)06:39  No.54553  AC  P73R62
I can't believe you can pass this off as "somewhat lazy".
>>Anonymous  26oct2017(th)07:43  No.54556  AN  P74R63
Not really serious no, but what's worst than the Death sentance that is cancer? Don't say Ebola because than you'd have point and I really need this internet win. I don't know what was so wrong about THAT SPECIFIC portion of my post that you had to beg god to make sure that part was a joke.
>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)05:32  No.54610  X  P75R64
Probably just that there are way worse things in life than death through that overrated desease. I guess it's still terrible to loose your kids to that and it wouldn't really matter which desease it was.
Man I'd love to have cancer so I wouldn't have to an hero someday. Just dying a peaceful and respected hospital death. Though you would likely be better off 1offing yourself with one fellow swoop.

I had something in mind like being crippled to the state of not being able to move a single muscle in your body, or having all kinds of amnesia and paranoia at the same time.
How about loosing all 5 of your senses, but being forced to live clinically for 100 years?
I'd rather die to cancer than all of those cases.

>>Anonymous  29oct2017(su)08:05  No.54622  AU  P76R65
Who gives a fuck if she copied or not? at the end of the day im not paying for it, some other retard did. its not like the original artis was going to make a fappable animation of it anyway. we need more copy artists to animate legos drawings too.
>>Anonymous  2nov2017(th)23:18  No.54750  AS  P77R66
welp, a full month has passed and she hasn't even made an update post, is she dead?
>>Anonymous  2nov2017(th)23:40  No.54751  AC  P78R67
Probably got scared off after being DMCAed. It's funny to think that none of this would have happened if she had just given credit to the artists she copied.
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