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>>Anonymous  25aug2017(fr)18:30  No.52768  OP  P1
Penny Fitzgerald.swf (284.8 KiB)
550x400, Compressed. 41 frames, 24 fps (00:02).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  11sep2017(mo)07:15  No.53190  A  P2R1
what the fuck is she? she a damn coconut? why do I have more questions than answers?
>>Anonymous  12sep2017(tu)01:45  No.53222  OP  P3R2
1) A shape-shifting fairy.
2) No.
3) Life is complicated. God lives in the cracks of science. Nobody has the time to source check everything, you have to draw the line somewhere and just believe whatever is accepted by most people. Yet absolute truths may turn out to be false as enough time pass by. Having more questions than answers is generally a good thing as the unknown gives life meaning. But eventually the universe and everything in it will die out and then none of this matters. Though even this truth may turn out to be false, as long as we have that hope we can continue advancing into space and towards immortality. Some comfort can always be found in the fact that even in death, even without any kind of energy and while packed deeply in a black hole, the pieces that make up the atoms that make up our brain should continue to exist forever. As far as we know.
>>Jesus  17sep2017(su)11:24  No.53379  B  P4R3
That's some deep philosophy

when i first clicked into this animation i hoped to find some fap material, but after reading your philosophy my boner is gone, and now i have a brain boner for the meaning of life and the afterlife

religion is obviously man-made and pointless, purely to give man comfort and guidance.
there is no heaven, nor hell
there is only the void, and energy never dies
it's just changes form

what is our purpose in this life? to masturbate? to think? to invent?
why are we here? is there a grander purpose than just human domination?

but like you said, the only way to uncover the truth is research technology and go explore the universe
who knows, we might find our purpose of existence afterall...

>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)12:39  No.53381  C  P5
At least attempt to learn how this site works before you infect us with your self-important newfag cancer, you fucking nigger.
Read the FAQ and the rules or fuck off. Actually no, just fuck off.
>>Anonymous  17sep2017(su)16:15  No.53387  D  P6

>existence has purpose

You fucking dweeb.

>>Jesus  20sep2017(we)22:33  No.53526  B  P7
not surprised by the general degeneracy in this thread, people are triggered by philosophical thinking
>>Anonymous  20sep2017(we)23:37  No.53528  E  P8R4
And yet you thought it's a good idea to post that gibberish here. Were you expecting an applause?
>>Anonymous  21sep2017(th)12:35  No.53558  C  P9
>muh deejenrazee
You're on a fucking porn board m90.
>philosophical thinking
That bullshit you were spewing? Yeah, you can shove that pseudo-intellectual drivel up your fucking ass, faggot. There's no measurable intelligence to be found anywhere near you, you're still too fucking retarded to use the site properly.
Fuck off.
>>Anonymous  22sep2017(fr)17:10  No.53593  F  P10
I thought you were a cool dude, and just wasn't very accustomed to how this works, but there you showed that you are just an ignorant retard.

You're on a chanboard and instead of learning how to answer to a post, like >>53381 explained,
and a single disagreeing post >>53387,
you call out "general degeneracy in this thread"? Most of the thread is just you babbling, as you stated.
Peachypop34 brought about enough triggering alright, but this is ridiculous.
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