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>>Anonymous  18aug2017(fr)09:40  No.52565  OP  P1
Continue the discussion

>>Anonymous  19aug2017(sa)04:25  No.52579  A  P2R1
People probably said enough there already, it's good to highlight the thread though so people that missed it can read through some bits.
>>Anonymous  19aug2017(sa)08:27  No.52585  B  P3R2
was there anything noteworthy that hasn't been already discussed to death in prior threads here on swfchan or the /f/ sticky?
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)08:52  No.52601  OP  P4R3
This was a little illuminating, since I haven't seen anyone mention actually doing work in both or switching from flash to javascript in a way that matters:
"I am a webdev working for one of the biggest telecomcompanies in germanistan and when we had to switch from flash to html5 shit went on fire. Now I understand the idea behind flash. html is garbage, it's the biggest mess in the world. Non of my coworkers understands javascript, and even I get stuck with javascript, css and html for hours due to bugs and illogical problems and having to code for 4 different shitbrowsers. if humanity ever gets erased from this planet by some alien race, we deserved it for creating a garbage called html/css. Man that is some serious bullshit. When developers start making something for the retarded mainstream, because they are too lazy to learn real coding, even thought it's super simple, it becomes a mess. Even worse is that big companies think they are important. Google chrome is one shitbrowser ... fuck google. And safari is completly broken it's insane that browser was every released. Try pausing an element with multiple animations in a row and then unpause it. The animations gets FUCKED ecause apple is retarded and cant code. Also fuck steve jobs. That fucking liar. Making up shit about flash, because flash made it easy to make fun programs, cutting out from the shit appstore from shit apple. At least he is no more..."
>>Anonymous  20aug2017(su)11:16  No.52604  B  P5R4
soooo nothing new there
just html5 bashing, yep it's garbage
apple and google being gigantic coorporate dicks
though I wouldn't take not understanding javascript as an argument against it and I find it a little bit overbearing to demonize the invention of html as a whole
I mean, flash was also made for a illiterate mass market wasn't it?

Also the old threads did have a lot of mentions of switching from flash to video with converter programs or even how possible it would be to replace it entirely in js (maybe theoretically possible, but not really apart from the most basic stuff)
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