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>>Anonymous  13aug2017(su)21:01  No.52462  OP  P1
So I think someone posted child porn in /fap/

I just noticed a post in /fap/ called lolicon. The preview image looks like cp but I don't exactly know, I didn't look at the full sized preview or the flash itself because I dont feel having the FBI over for a chat. I dont think any of us want to get arrested, so someone who can delete it should do so.

>>Anonymous  13aug2017(su)23:19  No.52469  A  P2R1
I'm calling the CGI police as we speak, they'll get Pixar to sue the animation school dropout who made that.
>>Anonymous  14aug2017(mo)11:35  No.52476  OP  P3R2
I could say my bad and explain that it looked real when the thumbnail was that small or just keep quiet. Two different ways of looking like a fucking idiot. My bad
>>Anonymous  14aug2017(mo)15:17  No.52477  B  P4R3
>I didn't look at the full sized preview or the flash itself because I dont feel having the FBI over for a chat.
aww that's cute
Relax kid, you'll be fine. Even if it was real cp, you can't get in trouble just for seeing it. If that was the case, you could incriminate someone just by showing someone cp against their will. Everyone with an enemy would be in jail. And politicians don't want that. Also, it would be morally abhorent.
If you see it, just report it using the system page (link's on the frontpage and move on. You did nothing wrong. Don't panic. Stop hyperventilating. Stop talking about cia niggers. Don't make silly threads. Just report.
>>CIA  14aug2017(mo)16:11  No.52478  C  P5R4
dr. pavel i'm cia
we're not niggers.
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  14aug2017(mo)18:02  No.52482  SWF  P6R5
It's not real but I've blurred the list thumbnail since it makes some of you uncomfortable (press F5 if the old one is still displayed).
>>Anonymous  15aug2017(tu)06:02  No.52500  E  P7R6
ok i dont wanna nitpick buuuuuuut

technically if you can SEE it then the image is actually on your computer (even if its cached) and you're technically "in possession" of it

even though the chance of getting GOTTEN by the polize is very low op did the smart thing here

good job op

>>lol.ico  15aug2017(tu)12:04  No.52505  F  P8R7
only if you download it. fluent short whiled cache (like a browser cache) doesn't count, as long as it gets deleted.
because as >>52477 stated, it would technically souffice to just implement the code into the html that gets loaded, and then everyone visiting the site would have been "in possession".
normally if you don't upload the shit again somewhere else you don't have to worry about shit.
I've seen some cases though where people got fined for explicitely seeking out illegal content on chan websites and the like.
Rule of thumb is just to make it believeable that you stumbled upon it (and don't have 100 hits on cp from that IP in under a minute)

also >>52482, I am disgusted by 3dpd cgi content as much as the next man, but please don't make this a habit to suck up to tinfoil naggers. this be of the last bastions of free speech I can think of

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  15aug2017(tu)19:59  No.52521  SWF  P9R8
To make things right again I've sharpened the image now.
>>Anonymous  15aug2017(tu)22:02  No.52525  B  P10R9
Now make the girl in the thumbnail black
It's a tradition by now
>>Anonymous  15aug2017(tu)22:25  No.52527  G  P11
I've seen several images, videos and swf's of people getting killed, I would very much want these removed as I am not interested in doing time for accessory to murder.
>>Anonymous  16aug2017(we)07:49  No.52538  F  P12R10
lol'd xD
>>Anonymous  24aug2017(th)17:03  No.52735  G  P13
Thanks to the mobsters behind SWFchan, I am now the prime suspect in a case about the abduction and torture of several Women... This is the last time I click SWF files on the internet.
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