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>>Anonymous  5aug2017(sa)19:31  No.52223  OP  P1
Categorizing Everything?

As of now you have ~187,939 flashes, unsure of how many are categorized.

Wondering how long it would take to categorize every flash if X number of people categorized 5 flashes each day. It would take 103 years if none of them were categorized.

>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)01:08  No.52228  A  P2R1
Most people only bother watching porn flashes so make that 1030 years.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)03:10  No.52231  B  P3R2
A lot of it is categorized incorrectly, and a fuckton of it is trash that doesn't deserve to be categorized or even exist.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)06:09  No.52234  OP  P4R3
Well I meant with 187,947 flashes and one person doing 5 flashes in a day, you'll get 187947/(5*365) = 102.984657534 years.
If there was twenty people the number drops to only 5 years. This is assuming they're hitting the "RND - uncategorized" button of course.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)15:02  No.52252  A  P5R4
Your math was a bit off in your first post (X could be 1000 people) but we got what you meant. I guess you're making this thread to try and recruit a group of categorizers? Would be neat but I don't really see it happening.
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)18:16  No.52266  C  P6R5
I always categorize/de-categorize and recommend any good flashes I GET here (mostly for my collection).
Doesn't happen too often though, cause I use this as more of an archive than a daily flash base.
Also, there is a random uncategorized get option?
>>Anonymous  6aug2017(su)21:49  No.52270  OP  P7R6
Yeah go to
>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)20:42  No.52380  OP  P8
Hey SWFAnts, is there a way to see how many flashes are categorized or uncategorized?
>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  11aug2017(fr)05:59  No.52388  SWF  P9R7
There is now! I added the number to be displayed on random.asp, hard to imagine I didn't think of displaying it before. Right now 38.3% of all flashes are categorized. More than I expected!
>>Anonymous  11aug2017(fr)07:36  No.52391  OP  P10R8
Oh thanks very much!
It's at 72026 right now leaving 116003 uncategorized flashes.
So that's a lot less flashes to categorize. I hope some people come in to help each day they can. If only one person were working at this at even 20 flashes a day, it would still take 16 years to categorize anything and that's if no new flashes are added to the archive.
>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)08:37  No.55972  OP  P11
reporting in!

OP checking in a 190 000 archived flashes.
Hooray for the 190 000th flash wf !
So as of right now there are 73 880 categorized flashes which comes out to 38.8% with 116120 left to categorize, which is up 117 flashes from last time. Anyway from 72026 to today's 73880, that means over the course of 144 days 1854 flashes have been categorized. That's some good effort to not stay behind! since it even gained 0.5%

>>!///SWFAnts  #ADMIN#  3jan2018(we)14:57  No.55976  SWF  P12R9
>>Anonymous  3jan2018(we)21:54  No.55986  C  P13R10
*salutes behind you*
Almost 40% categorization is indeed a very good rate!
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