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>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)14:17  No.51954  OP  P1
starbound.swf (357.3 KiB)
800x476, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)15:38  No.51955  A  P2R1
I know what the game Starbound is but I don't know what this is. What is this? Something official? Why is there no audio and why doesnt the buttons do anything?
>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)19:46  No.51962  B  P3R2
It's some ancient swf project that someone over on LoK was working on. Dunno why anon posted this, the guy probably dumped it when he found out either Blargsnarf doesn't really do this stuff anymore or how hard it is to work with these pixels.

Anyway, Starbound's a shit game, save your money, go and get Terraria.
t. man with 300 hours in Starbound

>>Anonymous  30jul2017(su)20:26  No.51964  A  P4R3
If this flash had nice audio on repeat it would be a cosy flash loop!

I've already played hundreds of hours of Terraria, both when it was new and when it had had a few years of updates. Can't imagine the amount of content it must have these days.

Also played 50-100 hours of Starbound when 1.0 was released, I'd definitely recommend Terraria over it. Not that Starbound was bad but you can't help but compare the two. It was all about the surface of the planets while underground felt dead in Starbound. The whole space travel thing also made planets feel really throwaway, in the end you could just rush through them not caring about anything because you'd never visit it again.

Meanwhile in Terraria you built tidy corridors and places and systems to get around and for finding your way back. Draining water and so on. It was just played differently because it was your world. It hurt multiplayer especially in Starbound since many times you weren't even in the same worlds.

It was a year ago since I played Starbound now so I can't really remember everything I felt was worse in it than Terraria but I think they didn't deliver on all mechanics either, air pressure for example. It felt a bit like the devs didn't play their own game a bit since there were many things in it that were either useless or way too big of a hassle to use, for example armor that you immediately replaced with a better one or food buffs that didn't make it at all worth cooking.

>>Anonymous  3aug2017(th)17:49  No.52129  C  P5R4
Who in their right mind spends 300 hours of his life on a "shit game"?
I'm one to complete a game long after it had its peak, but if you already know it's shit, why wouldn't you stop there? Did it need 300hs for you to suddenly come to the realization that the game is garbage?
>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)02:05  No.52357  B  P6R5
No, it's like playing Fallout 4. You end up building a ton of shit to fill the void that the game devs couldn't


>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)09:50  No.52369  A  P7R6
I had fun with Fallout 4. Didn't like that they introduced teleportation into the lore but what are you going to do?

Didn't enjoy building things at all though, really didn't see the point in it. I much rather would have liked to make only a single settlement with milestones such as "we need a doctor" and then you have to find a doctor for your settlement in the commonwealth to advance the settlement to the next tier and unlock new quests and a new pre-set appearance for your settlement. Would have given new purpose to scavenging for supplies as well.

Then there's that damn woman... Marcy Long. She always bitches at you whenever you get close. I assume the idea was to get people to do settlement quests but I wish the game would have realized at some point that I wasn't interested and just muted her.

Just look at this dialogue:
>I'll stop complaining when there's nothing left to complain about.
>What gave you the idea we're friends? ogue

The player only basically saved her life and took her to a safe place to live, why's she gotta keep nagging instead of doing something about the situation herself? She's mostly around the fast travel location too so you keep hearing her.

>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)09:52  No.52370  A  P8
>a doctor for your settlement in the commonwealth to advance the settlement to the next tier and unlock new quests and a new pre-set appearance for your settlement
oh damn, that sentence was not well-structured
>>Anonymous  10aug2017(th)22:48  No.52381  B  P9R7
I got the gist of what you're trying to say, anon. Like, you get a new NPC, your town gets upgraded, and it's not just you building shit, its the game advancing itself.

Although, Honestly, if Fallout 4 went with the Dark Cloud 2 style of building Settlements (full houses, trees, plants, water, etc.), I'd have liked it alot more. But, that's just me; alot of other people enjoy(?) the settlement building, and that's OK.


>>Anonymous  4feb2018(su)06:32  No.56852  D  P10R8
this project is deader than 1 in 5 prostitutes by age 35
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