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>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)06:59  No.50731  OP  P1
A thousand hours in Blender.

Horse.swf (5.83 MiB)
852x480, Uncompressed. 2047 frames, 24 fps (01:25).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)08:03  No.50737  A  P2R1
Any chance you can get a refund on those 1000 hours? and Blender? And the medical bill from your birth?
>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)08:07  No.50739  B  P3R2
>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)08:20  No.50740  C  P4R3
HD pls
>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)08:54  No.50744  D  P5
Explain yourself.
>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)12:06  No.50749  E  P6R4
>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)12:53  No.50750  F  P7R5

Sadly all three of those were provided free on the internet.
No refunds, no returns, all sales final... Which only leaves the wood chipper option.

>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)16:57  No.50753  G  P8R6
I was expecting this to be the other horse swf around until I saw the thumbnail... That one got bumped for a year or so.
>>Anonymous  28jun2017(we)20:28  No.50758  H  P9R7
"swfchan complaining about animal pr0nz? wut?!"

*looks at movie*


>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)06:32  No.50768  I  P10R8
Listen I opened this up expecting some bitch to play with a horse dick, then I saw the horses jaw unhinge. This can never be undone to my mind.
>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)06:48  No.50769  J  P11R9
That's not how horses work
>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)07:48  No.50770  K  P12R10
this is just as hilarious now as the first time I saw this.

Probably not the reaction you wanted, but I'm a fan. Shit is fucking hilarious.

>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)08:10  No.50771  L  P13R11
How can people be turned on by vore, there are just some fetishes I'll never understand.
>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)18:04  No.50781  M  P14R12
Actually a funny anti-joke
>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)20:32  No.50784  N  P15R13

Yeah, but there are different levels of weird fetish.

1: Meh, not my thing.
3: Why would you do this?
4: Stop it. Get help.
5: Stop it. Get ME some help.
6: Somebody call the cops.
7: Somebody call Batman.
8: There is no god.
9: God is a bad, bad man.
10: Killllll... meeeeeee.......

I've seen some shit...

>>Anonymous  29jun2017(th)22:11  No.50786  O  P16R14
At what point in time did horses and snakes start breeding with each other?
>>Mr Muffin  29jun2017(th)22:31  No.50788  P  P17R15
>>Anonymous  30jun2017(fr)00:31  No.50789  Q  P18R16
Good job.
>>Anonymous  30jun2017(fr)03:52  No.50794  R  P19R17
I came.
>>Anonymous  30jun2017(fr)05:40  No.50796  S  P20R18
I...I dont even...What?
>>Anonymous  30jun2017(fr)20:48  No.50811  T  P21R19
I don't think it ever went past 3 for me.
Unless there's real bad violence involved in a real porn.
Then maybe 6.
>>Anonymous  30jun2017(fr)21:56  No.50816  U  P22R20
Take queues from The Brother's Grimm movie if you really want people to flip their shit.
You're already most of the way there.
>>Anonymous  30jun2017(fr)22:57  No.50819  V  P23R21
Theatrical clowns in the comments. I mean yea, it's disgusting and probably made by a degenerate autistic virgin. But then again, aren't we all?
>>Anonymous  3jul2017(mo)00:38  No.50880  W  P24R22
youre doing it wrong
>>Anonymous  7jul2017(fr)13:22  No.51041  X  P25R23
Alright, I didn't expect that...
>>Anonymous  8jul2017(sa)00:14  No.51057  Y  P26R24
This flash was a friendly reminder that you shouldn't have expectations when someone throws big numbers like 1000 hours (or expectations in general)
>>Anonymous  15jul2017(sa)02:53  No.51284  Z  P27R25
Blender is FOSS, but the other stuff, yeah.
>>Anonymous  15jul2017(sa)09:18  No.51293  AA  P28R26
I see so many erotic style, I can't judge OP for the vore-stuff... But... BUT... THIS IS... THERE IS NO WORD TO DESCRIBE THIS...
>>Anonymous  16jul2017(su)05:30  No.51311  AB  P29R27
I would like to nominate this as the new Beef Curtains.
>>Anonymous  17jul2017(mo)20:40  No.51377  AC  P30R28
This was fucking hilarious but these comments are so autistic
>>Anonymous  22aug2017(tu)06:15  No.52666  AD  P31R29
Posting on a epic bread
>>Anonymous  31aug2017(th)00:58  No.52898  W  P32R30
Beef curtains
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