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>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)08:14  No.48310  OP  P1

It is new.

Derpixon-503403-Commission_-_Bustin_A_Nun.swf (4.09 MiB)
800x700, Compressed. 371 frames, 24 fps (00:15).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)12:35  No.48320  A  P2R1
well punned, I guess...
>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)12:56  No.48321  B  P3R2
great! but if i had to change one thing it would be her voice
>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)14:11  No.48322  C  P4R3
>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)14:29  No.48325  A  P5R4
Are you as dense as a black hole or something?
>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)14:34  No.48326  C  P6R5
Yeah, let's say that.
>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)15:05  No.48329  C  P7
Ow, I gate E.T now...
I.D's the "Bustin' a nun" pard, grate poon, true lie a masters peace.
I sodacan lonely holp, wee gate moore off dose.

Boyscouts do eye fell stop it gnaw.
(Per done the poons)

>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)17:08  No.48334  D  P8R6
Fixed version when?
>>Anonymous  15apr2017(sa)18:17  No.48335  E  P9R7
umm what?
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)05:37  No.48350  F  P10R8
ayy that's pretty lmao
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)14:58  No.48369  D  P11R9
The demon looks too brown, it makes me insecure and I can't masturbate.
>>Anonymous  16apr2017(su)18:08  No.48373  E  P12R10
ah k makes sense.

yeah white version when?

>>Anonymous  4may2017(th)23:27  No.49122  G  P13R11
Ayy typing like a 3 year old stopped being funny the day your mother forgot to swallow you ayy old memes ayyyy lmao
>>Anonymous  5may2017(fr)00:15  No.49125  C  P14R12
I'll have you know, that entire post was a chain of extremely masterfully crafted puns.
Now laugh, or >>48325 will call you names.
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