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>>EroPharaoh  11apr2017(tu)21:16  No.48163  OP  P1
[G] Summer's Birthday

First adult animation. Let me know what you think!
If you REALLY like it, please consider supporting me on my Patreon (link in the animation). More money=More time to animate!

Open to all criticism and suggestions! I'd love to be my best.

summerv0.1.swf (1.51 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 4 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver21, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>EroPharaoh  11apr2017(tu)21:18  No.48164  OP  P2
Also, please let me know how well it runs on your device. If it lags too much for too many people, I can include more graphics options for smoother animation.
>>Anonymous  11apr2017(tu)23:00  No.48171  A  P3R1
>Mr. Poopypants
Instant loss of sides.

Animationwise: looks surprisingly good for a short loop, nice customization
Looking forward to that cum scene

>>EroPharaoh  11apr2017(tu)23:15  No.48173  OP  P4R2
Thanks! There will be many additions in the coming weeks!
>>Anonymous  11apr2017(tu)23:43  No.48175  B  P5R3
It's well made but I've no idea what the sexual appeal is in Summer(or mr poopybutthole)
>>Anonymous  12apr2017(we)00:07  No.48176  C  P6R4
Please let morty fuck summer
>>EroPharaoh  12apr2017(we)01:38  No.48177  OP  P7R5

Older Morty from an alternative timeline will be an option in a later release.

>>Anonymous  12apr2017(we)06:37  No.48186  D  P8R6
The animation is fantastic, i really enjoy it. My only major criticism is that alternate characters are a definite must. I can't stop laughing at the absurdity of Mr. Poopy Butthole being there.
>>EroPharaoh  12apr2017(we)07:00  No.48187  OP  P9R7
Ooooo-WEE! But yeah, I have several alternative characters in mind: Older Morty, Futa Beth, TINY RIIIIICK, and maybe a Mr. Meeseeks.
>>Anonymous  12apr2017(we)08:00  No.48191  E  P10R8
>>EroPharaoh  12apr2017(we)08:14  No.48192  OP  P11R9
A top view will be implemented that will have options for vaginal or anal in a future version. Keep up with my work on either Patreon or Hentai Foundry (links in the flash).
>>Anonymous  12apr2017(we)09:40  No.48198  F  P12R10
ooh gee, summer
>>Anonymous  12apr2017(we)10:05  No.48199  G  P13R11
links don't work on swfchan ;-D
>>EroPharaoh  12apr2017(we)17:53  No.48218  OP  P14R12
Links within an swf? They work for me on swfchan... I just went to another flash on here to be sure. Or do you mean in comments?
>>Anonymous  12apr2017(we)23:54  No.48222  H  P15R13
Ignore that faggot, he's our resident retard.
They work fine.
>>Anonymous  13apr2017(th)01:07  No.48224  F  P16R14
He meant when embedded, they don't work on swfchan when the flash is run inside a webpage (like when you click the part of the filename that's before ".swf").

Btw I noticed that S03E02 has "Written by Jane Becker" on Wikipedia, I guess that will be the first test to see if the new female writers has ruined the show or not. I mean I'm sure she didn't do everything herself 100% but she's probably the one who layed out most of what'll happen in the episode.

>>Anonymous  13apr2017(th)02:51  No.48228  I  P17R15
No puffy vagina option; I am disappointment.
>>EroPharaoh  13apr2017(th)05:02  No.48232  OP  P18R16
I feel like it's weird that you specifically said "new female writers". There are a lot of great female writers.

There's a puffy vagina, you just can't see it.
(I could add that as an option in the future version that has a "top view" option)

>>Anonymous  13apr2017(th)05:40  No.48233  J  P19R17
futa summer on morty would be super hot, just her fucking the shit outta him
>>Anonymous  13apr2017(th)06:10  No.48235  K  P20R18
Please consider Abradolf Lincler as an alt character.
>>EroPharaoh  13apr2017(th)07:47  No.48241  OP  P21R19
She's going to stay in this position for this specific scene.

He may be a little too big for this one...

>>Anonymous  13apr2017(th)12:57  No.48242  L  P22R20
not bad, but aww shucks why did it have to be this cartoon
>>Anonymous  27apr2017(th)15:55  No.48850  M  P23R21
Just wanted to remind you that Spencer Grammer has done much more work than Rick and Morty, voicing Summer, and that (if you could/wanted) you could find a lot of sound clips out there:
Awesome work btw :-)
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