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>>Anonymous  11apr2017(tu)06:38  No.48136  OP  P1

meikou - ヴィータと触手.swf (0.98 MiB)
800x800, Uncompressed. 0 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  13apr2017(th)15:58  No.48251  A  P2R1
can someone who can moonrune tell us what each option is?
>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)06:02  No.48490  B  P3R2
Okay, so from what I can work out (I can't read Japanese, so for actual translations you're shit out of luck atm), the bottom question mark opens some form of menu, and the second yellow button from the top displays a cervical X-ray. Unfortunately, every time I try to click her vag, she kicks or something, and I haven't been able to make any progress farther. Clicking breasts doesn't seem to do anything either, as far as I have gotten.
>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)06:10  No.48493  B  P4
*UPDATE* Clicked on her left breast a little bit. Some numbers came up in a yellow shape. What they mean, I have absolutely no damn clue.
>>Nyanonymous  20apr2017(th)07:26  No.48494  C  P5R3
There are some spots on the breasts where you can click.
Hold the mouse button and move the mouse a little bit.
At the beginning the most time a yellow X will appear, but some times a heart with a number will be shown.
The time the X was there, i could not continue with moving. With the hearts i was moving the mouse slowly and the hearts continued.
The number in the hearts will be counted to your points you can "invest" in whatever it is... i can't read japanese too ^^
>>Anonymous  20apr2017(th)09:08  No.48498  D  P6R4
I just hacked my save file and gave myself a bunch of gold.


>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)04:18  No.48536  E  P7R5
this game wouldnt be half bad if it didnt take 2 hours to unlock everything.
>>Anonymous  21apr2017(fr)04:19  No.48537  E  P8
which save file is the one? i have so many flash save files i never know what its going to be called.
>>Anonymous  22apr2017(sa)06:00  No.48576  F  P9R6
I tried to translate this shit. I tried to hack this shit. I gave up and spent 2 drunken hours trying to simply unlock shit in-game. You're on your own fuckers; all i managed to come up with is 1 archaic Japanese program full of adds. If you're really shitting lucky i'll sober up and hack it on my own but atm... i got nothing.
>>Anonymous  22apr2017(sa)10:13  No.48580  G  P10R7
With 9 hours spent drawing into Google translate:

First question mark is:
現在の熟練度 (Current Proficiency)
現在の好感度 (Current favorability)
現在の魔力 (Current.. magical power.. apparently.)

Second menu is:
熟練度 燥作 (Proficiency manipulation) 50000
好感度固定 (Favorability fixed) 10000
好感度操作 (Favorability manipulation) 30000
断面図 (Sectional view) 10000 (The cervical x-ray thingy)

Further second menu buttons:
全裸 (Naked) 1000
私服 (Plain clothes) 30000
めがね(Glasses) 10000
制服 (Uniform) 20000
ねこみみ (Nekomimi) 50000
目隠し (Blindfold) 30000

※服は1. ねこみみは2. 眼鏡類は3キーで (※ Clothing is 1. The cat is 2. The glasses are 3 keys)
変更(何度か押さないと反応しない事あリ (Change (not to react unless you press several times))
現在の魔力 (Current Magical Power)

I honestly hoped it would be more enlightening than that. But there you go.

>>Anonymous  27apr2017(th)03:39  No.48814  F  P11R8
Yeah, hacking the save file it the way to go; the actual program is murder to manipulate. Location might vary depending on the program you're playing it in, but find vitasyokusyu1.sol, open it w/ .minerva, change the 'gold' value to 100000, open the game, buy everything in the second menu, and you're good to go. After buying everything, if you go to the first menu you can change your stats (points/click & girls attitude).

Pressing 1 changes her clothes, pressing 2 gives/takes away cat ears, pressing 3 changes her 'glasses'. The 'X' symbols are increases in experience (experience accumulates in to levels, and w/ high levels you get more points of everything per click). The 'heart' symbols increase sexual exitment (and presumably improve her mood?).

To get the girl to spread her legs you have to have her attitude @ 3 (happy), but after you've penetrated her once you can open her legs w/ any attitude. Once her legs are spread you can drag the tentacle in and out of her snatch (and/or play with her tits) and once the 'heart' level is high enough you'll cum.

There's not that many words in the game (and about half of it is just heavy breathing). I could translate it, but with no good way to edit the file that's not really gonna work. Unless someone knows a good .swf editing program that can manage archaic japanese code.

Also, somebody just posted a bunch of this junk (though most of them were demos); does anybody know what circle this is?

>>Anonymous  8may2017(mo)21:44  No.49250  H  P12R9
just make circles around her nipple
>>Anonymous  9may2017(tu)22:21  No.49285  I  P13R10
wtf is .minerva
>>Anonymous  11may2017(th)06:23  No.49339  J  P14R11
anybody knows the source?
i google meikou but found nothing.
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