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>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)03:22  No.48017  OP  P1
X-Men ClickClickClick.swf (6.02 MiB)
898x723, Compressed. 174 frames, 60 fps (00:03).
Ver23, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)10:22  No.48032  A  P2R1
Not bad at all.

Original and creative, well-written, funny, good use of flash(didn't overused the interactivity like most amateurs do, thought maybe adding some sfx would make it better) and really based on the characters plot instead of only using the names to bait.

Never thought I would see something so properly-done in flash, really surprised.

>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)23:01  No.48056  B  P3R2
fucking accurate file name
>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)23:26  No.48057  C  P4R3
Mind erasing? nah,fuck that,that's like,my worst fear.
>>Anonymous  8apr2017(sa)01:04  No.48063  D  P5R4
Define overusing interactivity. Because if it's shite that's one thing but if you are saying flashes get better the more they resemble movies than i'd have to disagree.
>>Anonymous  8apr2017(sa)12:05  No.48075  A  P6R5
My bad, I wanted to say overusing the tool, not only interactivity, like amateurs did in geocities for html or people overusing powerpoint/moviemaker transition animations.
Overusing or using some "cool feature" just because it exists is the mark of amateur. This flash is the opposite of it, only used the flash features it needed for story-telling, without camera-shaking, zooming, distortion, or other useless "cool feature".

But answering your question:

- MnF "games", simply forward buttons with a annoying waiting time. They would be better with simple forward-backward buttons instead of pretending they are interactive or a game.
- WHentai, overuse of zoom & camera panning just because such tool exist.
- Flashes who try to animate jpg images by distortion just because flash allows it.

>>Anonymous  8apr2017(sa)17:07  No.48079  E  P7R6
The story in a nutshell: BOBBY! You're gay!
>>Anonymous  8apr2017(sa)19:09  No.48080  F  P8R7
Yea, kinda amusing, sweet short clip. Godd writing, still somewhat hot. Nice flash.
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