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>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)03:17  No.48015  OP  P1
Adult Lisa's Simpson horse ride.swf (3.54 MiB)
720x540, Compressed. 4 frames, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)07:32  No.48023  A  P2R1
Altho I don't like Simpson's porn the animation gave me a boner.
>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)07:54  No.48025  B  P3R2
... is she dead???
>>Anonymous  10apr2017(mo)02:08  No.48112  C  P4R3
this woulda been super hot if it wasnt a fuckin simpsons character
>>©Patreon®ymous  10apr2017(mo)16:22  No.48121  D  P5R4
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"Garbage art, fetish and animation" [©Patreon®]
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>>Anonymous  10apr2017(mo)17:03  No.48123  OP  P6R5

I may be the one that uploaded this flash but I'm sick and tired of hearing about Patreon all the time. Just once I'd like them to ask for donations and thank their donators. Could link to a page that redirects or links to Patreon, just don't use their logo or name. I mean what if you want to change to something else or they close your account? You'd have a bunch of stuff out there hard-coded to Patreon, possibly losing you donators just because they get a 404 when clicking the link.

>>Anonymous  24apr2017(mo)00:11  No.48651  E  P7R6
Very nice! Much Like!
>>Anonymous  24apr2017(mo)03:31  No.48660  F  P8R7
It's hot BECAUSE it's a Simpsons character.
>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)06:08  No.48770  G  P9R8
>>48123 dont trip fam that person just salt because they dont have certain skills for Patreon
>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)06:14  No.48772  G  P10
i think what anon above tried to say is sometimes other projects that have copyright stuff in it dont post straight to a direct link they can use a dummy account just for money syphon

as a loophole they just use Patreon symbol as redirect so that it looks like Patreon itself infringed the work

>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)06:15  No.48773  G  P11
THANK YOU!!!! someone FINALLY gets it!!!!
>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)06:17  No.48774  F  P12R9
Why are you replying to yourself?
>>Anonymous  26apr2017(we)07:12  No.48775  G  P13R10
damn it i failed hard

meant to reply to >>48660

thats what i get for having multiple windows open and not paying attention lol

>>Anonymous  8may2017(mo)14:32  No.49243  H  P14R11
Why not Jessica Rabbit?
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