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>>Anonymous  1apr2017(sa)08:54  No.46810  OP  P1 Bee/499872/Creambee---WIP---Dark-Queen--Battle-Loa ds

Creambee - WIP - Dark Queen Battle_Loads.swf (4.88 MiB)
840x600, Compressed. 1 frame, 24 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  2apr2017(su)21:58  No.46868  A  P2R1
you release a bit too much promotional material, better to just make a bunch of smaller finished projects and let your work speak for you
>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)17:06  No.46895  B  P3R2
Fuck off.
>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)17:34  No.46897  C  P4
>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)19:31  No.46902  D  P5R3
what an ugly looking tranny
>>Anonymous  3apr2017(mo)23:48  No.46908  E  P6R4
If you don't have anything to release, stop posting shit here. This isn't your own personal ad site you ass, so stop flooding us with these dumb "teaser" flashes. Nobody here is interested in giving money to you on your stupid patreon when all you've even shown is that you can make ads.
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)03:13  No.46919  F  P7R5
Thirded,either release fully made content or fuck off.
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)06:36  No.46921  A  P8R6
hey now, let's not be too harsh. we dont want him to stop posting here completely. im sure presumed entitlement and over the top judgement is what drove zone away from /f/ many years ago. we do appreciate you creambee.
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)07:07  No.46923  G  P9R7
>whiteknighting porn makers
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)08:04  No.46924  A  P10R8
I just see this sort of thing happening all the time. I thought that perhaps this time I would be one of those guys that aren't a complete jerk online and remember that behind every post there is a real human being.
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)10:04  No.46927  C  P11
>Hearts and minds
Even worse.
>>Anonymous  4apr2017(tu)17:30  No.46938  H  P12R9
I second Anon though, spamming the archive with useless demo files which aren't properly tagged will just make people mad searching for the full files later on.
Take demos to your personal site or patreon or whatever and release at least alpha builds of the main thing here on the archive.
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)00:18  No.46946  I  P13
Do people actually pay for this tranny tracing shit?
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)01:25  No.46949  B  P14R10
Zone posts his shit for free on the chans when it's released, he hasn't gone anywhere he's just a lot slower
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)01:34  No.46951  J  P15R11
Lol funny seeing you entitled faggots raging just because someone makes money.
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)01:59  No.46956  I  P16R12
People are upset because he's using this site to springboard unfinished promotional content. He could at least label it as such and there would likely be less bitching.
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)03:55  No.46960  F  P17R13
There's nothing wrong with posting your content as an upcoming content
it's posting unfinished content and then paywalling the full version.
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)04:13  No.46961  K  P18R14
He posts the full version of his stuff at his hentai foundry account.
here le
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)11:51  No.47970  C  P19
Lol cuz rotflmfao tbh xP ;) 2 funny imho fam. xDDDDDDD
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)20:35  No.47979  L  P20R15
Don't let the haters get you down Creambee! I'll be supporting you on Patreon! :D
>>Anonymous  5apr2017(we)21:54  No.47982  B  P21R16
The samefagging is real
>>Anonymous  6apr2017(th)04:26  No.47990  M  P22R17
>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)20:57  No.48051  B  P23R18
where can I buy this????
>>Anonymous  7apr2017(fr)21:34  No.48052  I  P24
Holy fuck go away creambee. Stop bumping your shit promotional flashes.
>>Anonymous  9apr2017(su)00:20  No.48091  L  P25R19
Don't forget to support Creambee on Patreon so he can afford to put out more content!
>>Anonymous  9apr2017(su)12:23  No.48102  N  P26R20
Dude. Stfu. No one's giving you money for a mediocre flash when there's tons of better free content elsewhere.
>>Anonymous  9apr2017(su)12:23  No.48103  N  P27
Dude. Stfu. No one's giving you money for mediocre shit when there's plenty of better, free content.
>>Anonymous  11apr2017(tu)22:30  No.48165  H  P28R21
I can see rewriting your sentences to erase grammar mistakes, but to create new ones...
The trolling is real.
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