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>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)16:01  No.46385  OP  P1

Zero Suit Rouge Licking.swf (8.93 MiB)
1280x720, Uncompressed. 70 frames, 18 fps (00:04).
Ver3, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: No. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)16:04  No.46386  A  P2R1
how does so much sonic porn manage to make the characters look autistic?
>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)16:33  No.46390  B  P3R2
> "how does so much sonic porn manage to make the characters look autistic?"

How does one "look" autistic? It's a neurological disorder m8.

>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)19:14  No.46397  C  P4R3
Easy, their mannerisms, the general way that they carry themselves.
Same way you spot a headcase pretending to be female.
>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)20:17  No.46403  D  P5R4
just that real autistic people behave veery differently and mentally mad
slight mannerisms are never signs of autism
>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)20:32  No.46404  C  P6R5
Never claimed that.
Everybody has mannerisms, that's why I strategically placed the word "their" in front of "mannerisms".
>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)03:25  No.46413  E  P7R6

Easy there, guys. It's Sonic Porn. No need to have that discussion here.

>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)14:52  No.46434  F  P8R7

It's not rocket science guys. Sonic porn looks autistic because it's made by autistics. Please follow >>46413 advice. You're all starting to look hypocritical with this autistic discussion.

>>Anonymous  21mar2017(tu)00:30  No.46440  G  P9R8
i love how every thread on this shitty flash porn board ends up in an argument over autism or racial slurs or trans people lmao
>>Anonymous  21mar2017(tu)03:51  No.46444  H  P10R9
Those are like 50% of the reason I actually visit this site.
>>Anonymous  21mar2017(tu)09:01  No.46451  D  P11R10
And there your argument went into the trash, you AUTIST.

Just the flavor of this era.
It was about Hitler or real butter or being angry about elves some decade ago.

>>Anonymous  21mar2017(tu)14:59  No.46465  F  P12R11
When all else fails and you've lost the argument, criticise their spelling, that'll prove them wrong... right?

You autistic sack of jizz

>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)00:22  No.46477  I  P13R12
>Everything I don't like is automatically autistic.
Fuck off.
>>Anonymous  27mar2017(mo)09:36  No.46638  I  P14
Autism Screeches.
>>Anonymous  11apr2017(tu)03:44  No.48130  J  P15R13
you must be the pure in midst of autism and drawn porn

what are you doing here? are you the messiah to bring fellow stained hands the salvation?
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