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>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)14:37  No.46383  OP  P1


Skullinda.swf (11.7 KiB)
400x400, Compressed. 90 frames, 30 fps (00:03).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: No. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)15:24  No.46384  A  P2R1
the fuck
>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)16:23  No.46389  B  P3R2
Needs more dicks
>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)18:48  No.46395  C  P4R3
lulz, nice. hardest ive ever came before
>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)01:50  No.46410  OP  P5R4
Bump. I want criticism please
>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)01:50  No.46411  OP  P6
*more critism. 1st flash. what to improve?
>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)04:03  No.46415  C  P7R5
make her eyes follow the mouse so i can make her look at what i want
>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)14:45  No.46432  OP  P8R6
that's not proper criticism, don't judge and gtfo

what else?

>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)21:21  No.46437  D  P9R7
Make it less autistic and stupid.
>>Anonymous  20mar2017(mo)22:40  No.46438  E  P10R8
Thanks Mrs. Skullinda for making my dick grow. Dudes, free calcium over here.
>>Anonymous  21mar2017(tu)14:53  No.46463  OP  P11R9

also, fuck off

>>Anonymous  21mar2017(tu)14:56  No.46464  OP  P12
OK can do, I make new version

not a programmer but i'll try


>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)06:17  No.46481  F  P13R10
Kindly do the world a favour and kys.

This skulleton right here is hawt as fuck. Keep it up, OP.

>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)11:11  No.46492  G  P14
So you're just gonna post this under the whole sarcastic tired and unfunny "Oh but I'm being totally serious, how to improve gais?" without even having any sound in your Le Funny Maymay?
Not even the most obvious music choice?

You fail as a troll.
You fail as a comedian.
You fail as a porn artist.
Create a Patreon, you'll be rich in a couple of days.

>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)15:26  No.46493  OP  P15R11
"Waaahhh this guy has different tastes to me he must be trolling, waaahh"

you fail as an anon

you fail at life

gtfo no one wants you here

>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)16:11  No.46497  G  P16
Why am I not allowed in your thread?
>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)16:47  No.46498  OP  P17
not funny, go away
>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)17:05  No.46500  G  P18
>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)17:08  No.46501  H  P19

>gtfo I don't want you here because actual criticism hurts my feelings


>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)18:40  No.46504  I  P20R12
Never make anything again, please. You're fucked in the head and should seek help, unless you're just baiting with this shit.
>>Anonymous  23mar2017(th)05:54  No.46509  F  P21R13
It must be some clever bait, because a lot of people are getting pissed over this swf file, out of all things. Then again, leave it to the Internet, I suppose.
>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)14:21  No.46550  OP  P22R14

no its peoples immaturity. i literally just wanted to post my work judgement free because lets face it, theres a lot more fucked up shit here. i thought everyone would be used to it. everyone SHOULD be used to it. if people don't like, then don't comment. simple

>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)14:23  No.46551  OP  P23
how so? please elaborate how I'm fucked and need help? or better yet YOU SEEK HELP
>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)14:43  No.46553  J  P24R15
>i literally just wanted to post my work judgement free
>Bump. I want criticism please
Yep, you're completely retarded.
>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)15:27  No.46554  OP  P25R16
criticism =/= judgement

u can give constructive criticism about my work without resorting to petty, hateful comments and personal attacks

>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)15:50  No.46556  K  P26R17
"Criticism is the practice of judging the merits and faults of something."
-Literally the first line on Wikipedia.

Critiscism [krit-uh-siz-uh m]
1. the act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything.
2. the act of passing severe judgment; censure; faultfinding.
3. the act or art of analyzing and evaluating or judging the quality of a literary or artistic work, musical performance, art exhibit, dramatic production, etc.
4. a critical comment, article, or essay; critique. "
-Dictionary definition.

You being a little bitch and unwilling to accept anything even slightly negative doesn't change the definition.

You were requested to make it less stupid, you disregarded that completely because it hurt your delicate feelings. (It's totally not stupid right now, right?)
You got pointed out for lacking sound, you disregarded that completely because it hurt your delicate feelings. (The best shit out there has no sound design, right?)
And you even went out of your way to take offense to the very first comment expressing simple confusion.

Just fuck off already.

>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)16:38  No.46557  OP  P27R18
just no. the definition you pasted should apply to my work, not me as a person.

>You were requested to make it less stupid, you disregarded that completely because it hurt your delicate feelings.

That is not constructive criticism; it doesn't tell me anything on what to improve on. its a negative personal attack. HOW should i make it "less stupid?"

You got pointed out for lacking sound, you disregarded that completely because it hurt your delicate feelings.

Umm no, that wasn't a suggestion, just a sarcastic troll.

>And you even went out of your way to take offense to the very first comment expressing simple confusion.

It offers no help. it was a shitpost comment

>Just fuck off already.

grow up

>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)17:49  No.46558  D  P28R19

What the fuck do you want critism for? This is a bad drawn 12KB flash with dicks as teeth. ITS STUPID. And so are you if you don't know how to make it "less stupid". Just choose a random female cartoon character and make her suck dicks. If you can't do that help the world by stop bumping this fucking shitty animation.

>>Anonymous  24mar2017(fr)20:54  No.46563  H  P29

>anon says make the flash less stupid

See, this board isn't called /lousy drawings by insecure 12-year-olds/ for a reason.

>>Anonymous  25mar2017(sa)13:46  No.46580  OP  P30R20
u can all get fucked. i'm ignoring the haters. expect a new version coming soon ;)
>>Anonymous  25mar2017(sa)13:59  No.46581  G  P31
>u can all get fucked
grow up
>>Anonymous  25mar2017(sa)15:18  No.46582  OP  P32
no u, and stop samefagging
>>Anonymous  25mar2017(sa)15:31  No.46583  G  P33
When all else fails cry samefag.
>>dikroten  25mar2017(sa)15:45  No.46584  L  P34R21
needs sound or jumpscare... 4/10
>>Anonymous  25mar2017(sa)16:05  No.46585  M  P35R22
Are you 5 years old?
>>Anonymous  25mar2017(sa)23:05  No.46589  F  P36R23
Oyes, that would be kinky as fuck.
>>Anonymous  26mar2017(su)11:47  No.46600  N  P37R24
Great animation OP, do you have a patreon? I just want to say that I fully support you and everything that you do, Keep up the good work.
>>Anonymous  28mar2017(tu)18:04  No.46690  OP  P38R25
bump: just a reminder, expect an update soon ;)
>>Anonymous  28mar2017(tu)20:03  No.46698  O  P39R26
just a reminder, expect more flamewar soon
>>Anonymous  29mar2017(we)12:51  No.46723  H  P40

>accuses others of samefaggotry
>samefags like a motherfucker

O, OP, will you ever change?
Just a tip: If you want to hide your samefagging, you might want to educate yourself about proper punctuation (specifically, the use of commas.)

PS: Since you don't seem to care about criticism, why did you ask for it in the first place? This is a rhetorical question, so don't bother with an answer.

>>Anonymous  29mar2017(we)15:21  No.46733  OP  P41R27
thats not me, that dude uses proper grammar and doesn't even have "OP" in his name. r u retarded? or are you that samefagging anon who set this up as bait? cause ur bad at it
>>Anonymous  29mar2017(we)15:31  No.46734  G  P42
>>Anonymous  29mar2017(we)18:04  No.46742  H  P43

I can't be that bad at baiting if you readily swallow said bait. After all, you have to manually scan your own pathetic thread to see saged comments.

By the by, your ID changes with your IP address, so if you were to use a proxy, VPN tunnel or similar means to change it, your ID would follow suit.

>>Anonymous  29mar2017(we)21:13  No.46751  OP  P44
Ah since u know so much, thnx 4 confirming to be samefagging :)

also i dunno what saged means. i dont speak chantard

>>Anonymous  30mar2017(th)17:45  No.46780  OP  P45
>>Anonymous  30mar2017(th)22:21  No.46781  M  P46R28
Thank god for ublock and element blocking.
>>Anonymous  31mar2017(fr)16:38  No.46794  H  P47

Yes, because knowledge implies action—you know, just as everyone who knows about child molestation is also a child molester. Your mastery of simple logic is truly astonishing.

That you know jack shit about the most basic fucking mechanics on this board does not surprise me, though.

>>Anonymous  1apr2017(sa)14:13  No.46818  OP  P48R29
stfu chantard
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