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>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)09:26  No.45106  OP  P1
[G] Shit's still good mang.

Other anon, find the easter eggs.

Boogie Saphire.swf (8.56 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 8 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)11:12  No.45109  A  P2R1
P-Y-P-A-P buttons make a sound,pressing other buttons while pressing them in that order makes a "wrong" sound,but after pressing PYPAP you can just kinda go PYPAPYPAPYPAP... idk how long it goes,and idk what's the point.
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)11:13  No.45110  B  P3R2
Yokai and paper.
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)12:48  No.45112  C  P4R3
Space bar to cum

Known Secrets so far:
Typing "yokai" will change the scene to Chatalie
Typing "paper" will change the scene to Vivian
Clicking Insomni's tits in the yokai scene after achieving a full stomach unlocks a key that states "LTSOUT"
After Gaining the first key you can type "bewarethedepths" to gain the second key which says "DNCHN"

Update: "DNCHN" and "LTSOUT" can be put into boogie's new flash archive

Also to clear things up: the letters P and Y are the start of Paper and Yokai so if you type in things like payo, yopa, etc, the game is just reading your strings as yo- pa- because you can indefinitely chain P and Y since they're the start of two easter egg keywords.

A goddamn archive for furry porn is faster than you retards, goddamn.

>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)13:00  No.45113  D  P5R4
>The 1 guy interested in this shit out of a total of 4 users on SWFchan is slower than all the furfags
You don't say?
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)13:49  No.45114  E  P6R5
Jesus Christ what the fuck is this shit, are you fucking shitting me? This looks absolutely awful. Pathetic animation, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT DICK. Boogie did some decent flashes before like Tristana, Meloetta, Vivian, although he did make some pretty bad stuff but this takes the cake. Hope someone didn't pay for it.
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)13:50  No.45115  C  P7R6

I never said anything about "all" the furfags, genius.

>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)14:32  No.45116  F  P8R7
>is faster than you retards
But the thread isn't even half a day old and you (one of us) provided all the info needed?
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)14:35  No.45118  F  P9
>easter eggs
I noticed that "v 1.3" becomes "v 1.0" when you hover over the "play that shit" button. That's probably not an easter egg though...
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)14:39  No.45119  G  P10R8
Holy shit what is wrong with that dick,cocks dont bend that way when erect,it looks like it has a tumor in it.
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)16:36  No.45122  D  P11R9
I never claimed you said that, genius.
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)18:12  No.45128  C  P12R10

Everything except the "you retards" line was copy pasted from E621.

>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)00:30  No.45138  H  P13R11
Oh god, whats wrong with her face? Whats wrong with that dick? WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)00:30  No.45139  I  P14R12
>the animation

You best be joking, nigger. It's not that bad for being a small flash.


Agreed, Boogie really, really, really sucks at drawing dicks.

>Hope someone didn't pay for it.

Patreons paid like $1800+ for this

>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)00:59  No.45140  J  P15R13
>A goddamn archive for furry porn is faster than you retards, goddamn.
They have the edge when it comes to autism. Autism is an epidemic.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)01:50  No.45141  C  P16R14

How does it feel knowing that deep down the golden ages of Hitler and the death camps for subhumans will never become a reality in the new age of global, instant information and social media?

>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)03:30  No.45147  K  P17R15
This is kinda odd coming from boogie... I have to admit that its kinda awful
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)05:42  No.45150  L  P18R16
Jesus, I love lipstick.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)05:46  No.45151  L  P19
So, those new flash archive things: I assume we're getting Midna 3d soon?
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)07:25  No.45153  E  P20R17
Coming from Boogie, there's a high chance it will be unfappable trash.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)12:20  No.46167  M  P21R18
going by the screenshots it will be
I find this flash to be quite fappable though
great oral is always appreciated, no matter the dick shape
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)14:02  No.46174  E  P22R19
Repeatedly ramming the tongue onto the dick's tumor is great oral, right? For a half second loop, with every other problem, even the animation is crude.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)22:16  No.46192  N  P23R20
wow that one anon in this thread bitching is autistic. anyway thanks anon, good shit loved it.
>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)05:59  No.46209  J  P24R21
Mien Führer...

I have failed you...
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