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>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)02:24  No.45097  OP  P1
Creambee - WIP Zelda

WIP, Can't wait to see what she releases when it's finished.

Zelda Afterparty WIP.swf (1.29 MiB)
1000x750, Compressed. 120 frames, 24 fps (00:05).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)03:47  No.45100  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)15:48  No.45120  B  P3R2
inb4 someone finds out its traced
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)16:55  No.45126  C  P4R3
cool! any word on when it is supposed to be done?

i never cared about that myself

>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)03:10  No.45146  D  P5R4
This looks hype already. when is it releasing?
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)10:33  No.46156  E  P6R5
>all those bottles of alcohol
>no bong, chillum, pipe or ashtray anywhere

5/10 wouldn't fuck this Zelda. I bet TP Zelda would have some good herb.

>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)12:11  No.46166  F  P7R6
Winrars don't do drugs anon.
That's what's mario taught me.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)17:59  No.46181  G  P8R7
Why is that a problem? If I can fap to it, which I probably given it's the release version, I don't give a fuck if it's completely traced.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)18:26  No.46184  H  P9R8
Because Creambee traces their shit then charges you money to fap to it.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)18:31  No.46186  I  P10R9
Then don't fap. ever.
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)18:51  No.46188  J  P11R10
Retard confirmed.
>>Anonymous  15mar2017(we)05:21  No.46207  G  P12R11
Just don't fap to it or don't pay for it?

I fail to understand the problem you perceive.

>>Anonymous  16mar2017(th)15:42  No.46277  K  P13R12
Neat, how do I donate to the creator?
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)02:43  No.46302  L  P14R13
the problem is when a dude puts free stuff out there and another takes the free stuff and traces over it and sells it then now the only way you can see it on here is the tracer puts the WIP here or if someone paid to download the traced stuff and upload it here. you giving money to the wrong dude. jeez do I have to spell it out? want me to hold your hand?
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)05:23  No.46305  M  P15R14

The point is not even a ethical one.

A lot of artists give up of making free stuff after seeing his work being plagiarized and that some dude is making money/fame over his creativity and work.
Even a normal person would get upset about the notion of providing bucks to a leech and that people are being scammed with his art, it's even worse for sensitive artsy people that artists are.
When a artist notice he can't avoid the parasite of stealing his work, the only reasonable solution is to cut the flow and that means stop releasing new stuff and giving up.

I have seen this happen hundreds of times in the internet(mainly on amateur porn) and it's always a loss.

>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)05:47  No.46306  N  P16R15
I was wondering what would you do in that situation parasites begin leeching off your works? Would you just ignore it and hold your glory or try to limit as much material as possible to only allow trusted users to view your product?
Im asking cause alot of artists dont really care as they see their work copied to other sites as free advertising.
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)06:49  No.46310  I  P17R16
Tracing movements, poses, images, or copying a character is fine to a point as many drawings by beginners and even pros are just that. Zelda is a copyrighted character and yet somehow selling porn of the character is not an issue being made instead?

The problem is when people take full assets of another's work, say all of Zone's flashes for instance, reskin the sprites and characters then upload it to a pay site with no credit to the actual author. That is bull shit. Should this be the case with this "artist" I agree with you.

Otherwise the argument for tracing being made against this "artist" is the following: that something is not your creation because you used a program you did not make(Adobe Flash) and a device you did not make(insert tablet company name) to create said something. This time an image from an "artist" (who used a computer to make it) is also involved in being used as a template for another "artist's" creation. So nobody created anything by their own merits and should not receive any praise or compensation. Except for Bill Gates who created the home computer industry, and even that is questionable.

My point being, using other's creations as templates or tools to make your own is how life works. Anyone wanting to be prissy about tracing an image go on steam or Dlsite and look up how many RPGmaker games are on sale. Now go tell every one of those people they did not make content or that they stole it because they used RPGmaker or unoriginal characters as a basis in their work.

>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)07:32  No.46311  B  P18R17
>the free advertising argument
No. Just no.
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)07:46  No.46312  O  P19R18
Its only free advertisement if the tracer credits the author, which rarely happens.
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)15:32  No.46321  P  P20R19
The full thing is out, Anybody got it?
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)17:50  No.46330  Q  P21R20
Actually you create art both ways: Either you create something completely new, which is hard. I mean even Zelda is based on ancient folk tales of elves and shit and those are based on something else and so on.
The other option is to take existing shit, in this case Zelda and random flashes and mix it up with your own conception of art.
Actually courts say you can only be sued if you use say more than 80% of somebodies elses creation for your own. Basically you can copy it but make it have your own unique style and it will be altright.
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)20:47  No.46333  A  P22R21
>tracing is normal for beginners
It's called using references. TRACING has NEVER been okay in the art community.
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)20:49  No.46334  A  P23
Also, fuck off Creambee.
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)22:31  No.46335  R  P24R22
So... Is it traced ?
>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)00:02  No.46337  S  P25R23
The face looks a lot like the ones Legoman draws, so there's a good chance it is. At least for that part of it.
>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)00:59  No.46339  T  P26R24
The full one is out. It's actually pretty okay. I can't tell if anything is traced.
>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)06:11  No.46348  G  P27R25
reference pic?

>inb4 it's traced from imagination

>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)07:39  No.46350  U  P28R26

goddamn this chat's a shitstorm.

>>Anonymous  18mar2017(sa)11:04  No.46356  V  P29R27
I thought it was a pretty good discussion about how being an artist is slowly on its way becoming dead as a career and transitioning into a hobbyist's craft because of leechers and scalpers.

Shit's tough man, I don't want to pay artists their fair share myself, I'm sad to say.

An abundance of media desensitizes me to the struggle of a saturated market.

>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)06:59  No.46372  F  P30R28
idk, I know a lot of zone traces even if it's obviously not credited
if you're good your style (and the traces of it) will get recognized by fans
still not a nice thing to do, really
but it shouldn't be the problem of the creator who already got paid to do that work

yeah, maybe there has already been enough stuff "created" and just has to be reused over and over again
I mean, look at oldschool rpgs
It's like greek mythology was the last interesting character design to ever surface

>>Anonymous  28mar2017(tu)03:53  No.46667  G  P31R29
cyka blyat

I'm asking for reference pic. Are you making empty accusation?
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