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>>CroNoX  8mar2017(we)18:53  No.44942  OP  P1
[G] Slave Lord 2 Hacked by CroNoX

Maybe buggy, I was just bored and started messing around. Let your opinions below :D

slave_lord_2 hacked by CroNoX.swf (12.64 MiB)
800x600, Compressed. 1186 frames, 24 fps (00:49).
Ver20, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  8mar2017(we)19:41  No.44943  A  P2R1
and here we have another gaylord who gays around with his name...
i hacked many games and no one knows me.. i'm just another anon...
>>Anonymous  8mar2017(we)20:13  No.44946  B  P3R2
pretty much broken
>>Anonymous  8mar2017(we)23:47  No.44949  C  P4R3
Went to sleep and not only my slave was exhausted but also I started the next day with only 1 potion of each, this game is to 1337 to be hacked or your hacking skills sucks
>>Anonymous  9mar2017(th)11:56  No.44976  D  P5R4
Nice try, pasha
>>Anonymous  10mar2017(fr)23:23  No.45010  E  P6R5
GREAT JOB, clicking status freeze the entire fucking PC genius,
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)03:50  No.45015  F  P7R6
you must operate on a toaster then
or did you confuse a pc freeze with a browser freeze?
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)05:49  No.45016  G  P8R7
>>mittsies  11mar2017(sa)19:37  No.45038  H  P9R8
decent hack, though the game still requires you to

lower her self esteem and "train" her in sexuality
meaning there is still some grind, but MUCH MUCH less
good hack though

>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)19:41  No.45039  I  P10R9
Piss off, faggot.
>>CroNoX  11mar2017(sa)20:07  No.45040  J  P11R10

Thanks! I know it's not a super hack and I know I made few mistakes, but this version it was a test, editing random things. Next hacks will be better.

Haters gonna hate. At least I share more content, most of people here just limit themselves to fap.

>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)20:11  No.45042  I  P12
Blatant lies.
Look at /fap/, now look at how many of the uploads has a wannabe e-celeb faggot name beside them... Riiiiight.
You can go ahead and piss the fuck off too you worthless "code"-nigger.
>>CroNoX  11mar2017(sa)20:21  No.45043  J  P13
Are you mad only because of my nick? Wow, at least I didnt remove the patreon support button and the credits of the original creator. But hey! I just put my nick in the title of the post! Im a useless fagg*t because of that! Stop crying, says what you want. I enjoy sharing this content to normal people that likes this site, not little babies crying rivers everywhere like you.
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)20:29  No.45044  I  P14R11
You're fucking retarded. Go away, you don't belong here, faggot.
Also, you've just been reported for being a potty mouth.
>>CroNoX  11mar2017(sa)20:37  No.45045  J  P15R12
I can repeat it all the times you want until you understand that I will completely ignore mad people like you that only hates and insult. If you did really report me then I would gratefully talk with the Admin :). Also I should report you for being so mad and insult and disrespect other people.
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)20:41  No.45046  I  P16R13
Yes you're doing a VERY good job ignoring me, nice one you dumb doublenigger.
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)20:59  No.45047  A  P17R14
just hack without your name. faggot..
and no, i'm not some pasha.. who the fuck is this, btw??
>>Anonymous  12mar2017(su)13:37  No.45076  D  P18R15
Keep digging that hole, pasha
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)11:20  No.46164  F  P19R16
Anonymous is always to be desired, but anyone providing actual OC is allowed to bear a name if they choose so in my opinion.
Giving that name in the hack is actually good, because it will help to find similar hacks by the modder.
Not removing any credits of the source makes it legit.
It's not a very good work tbo, but at least OP tries to contribute.
>>CroNoX  14mar2017(tu)18:15  No.46183  K  P20R17

Much appreciated bro, I know it's not a perfect hack, the code was a mess but I didnt dedicated too much time in this game, the game itself has some bugs and editing the code is a bit hard when you dont know where to start. Next cheats will be better.
Created: 8/3 -2017 18:53:26 Last modified: 23/3 -2017 20:44:28 Server time: 23/03 -2017 21:10:35