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>>Anonymous  4mar2017(sa)08:42  No.44803  OP  P1
[G] Teen Titans


teen_titans.swf (9 MiB)
1200x900, Compressed. 3075 frames, 24 fps (02:08).
Ver17, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  4mar2017(sa)18:33  No.44814  A  P2R1
Cyborg is too black, I feel like i'm being cucked, I can't fap, please make him white.
>>Anonymous  4mar2017(sa)19:47  No.44818  B  P3R2
Not the best but definitely fappable.

The word I would use is 'THICK'.

>>Anonymous  4mar2017(sa)20:11  No.44819  OP  P4R3
please let me tell you that only nazis can see black people...
>>Anonymous  4mar2017(sa)20:23  No.44820  C  P5R4
>>Anonymous  4mar2017(sa)23:57  No.44821  D  P6R5
Y'know I normally don't even like interracial stuff that much but this is completely fine. You'd have to be a special breed of hater to dislike this.
>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)00:30  No.44822  E  P7R6
I dislike this because it's not very good, not because someone is black.
>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)02:46  No.44824  F  P8R7
Raven's skin is too light and the face looks nothing like her. At least the hair is right. It's fluid I guess but the art just isn't very appealing.
>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)03:55  No.44828  G  P9R8
yeah, her original voice with that altered appearance feels really weird
also: no cyborg cum scene without BOOOYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH
>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)05:25  No.44829  H  P10R9
I am a-okay with cyborg dickings,since his cock isn't black.
>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)00:57  No.44839  I  P11R10
nigger please, it's so-called "non racists" that have made skin color into a big deal again. when i was a kid i didnt think black peolpe were any different but after the all this SJW shit online i've realized that apparently they are completely different from white skinned people and we need to treat them differently. we need to make quotas for companies to hire blacks because they are so god damn inferior that without it they just dont stand a chance.
>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)07:39  No.44856  J  P12R11
Teen Titans Goy.

Can we get a "fixed version"?

>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)10:14  No.44859  K  P13R12
This, can we just get a floating white dick so my insecurity's aren't questioned, thanks
>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)13:06  No.44864  C  P14R13
U beez all undacova brotha an dat cuz shieeet lemme ax u dis how u lernd talken an wrote like dem cracka ass white bois so gud mah nigguh?
>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)21:23  No.44872  L  P15R14
эт чё ркн-тян там?
>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)22:01  No.44874  M  P16R15
the creator's name is TVComrade, first I've seen from him too
>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)03:13  No.44883  N  P17R16
is pretty good, keep up the good work, each time theres a noticable improvement.
>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)03:44  No.44886  J  P18R17
If the cock is black.

It has to go back.

>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)05:52  No.44894  O  P19R18
Yeah, whatever. You guys are crazy this flash isn't half bad.
Although, those shoulders ride for miles wtf lol.
>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)08:30  No.44899  P  P20R19
I'm not racist but killing the inferior races may not be a bad idea.
>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)09:01  No.44900  OP  P21R20
secret animations

did you guys find the secret animations???

in the first frame, before you start the animation, click the floating lollipop several times and you get a "sweet" animation and if you press the tentacle, you get some tentacle sex...


>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)09:51  No.44902  G  P22R21
noice, I forgot flash can do that
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