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>>maiwaifu  26feb2017(su)11:53  No.44655  OP  P1
4chan vs. swfchan

idk think who is better!?!

>>Anonymous  26feb2017(su)13:29  No.44659  A  P2R1
There's no better one: 4chan is an image board and swfchan is a flash board. One fulfills the other.
>>Anonymous  26feb2017(su)16:03  No.44665  B  P3
4chan, go there, now.
>>Anonymous  27feb2017(mo)19:39  No.44695  C  P4R2
4chan's /f/ board is the fastest because of the size of the surrounding other boards of that site and its noteriety. If 4chan were to deleted /f/ I think many places where you can post flashes would pick up speed, this place would probably be one of the fastest if that ever happened.
>>Anonymous  28feb2017(tu)01:41  No.44701  D  P5R3
Yeah, I agree. Although speed and userbase did increase since 2012 or so,
think of swfchan more like an archive community of educated scholars and haven to furries and 4chan a starbucks for your everyday social needs.

I bet OP meant 4chan's /f/. Which is also a flashboard. Unless you didn't know about that. In that case I wonder how you ended up here?

>>Anonymous  28feb2017(tu)07:59  No.44727  C  P6R4
Also in agreement with >>44701, if you look under the rules or in the frames view of 4chan, /f/ is listed as an upload board and not an imageboard.
>>Anonymous  2mar2017(th)10:57  No.44762  E  P7R5
/f/ is one of the rare few boards on 4chan that still taste like the oldschool 4chan. Untainted by the hordes of underaged alt-right cringe-obsessed edgy newfags.

I just wish the existential/nihilist anarchist users never left/got swallowed under newfags.

>>Anonymous  2mar2017(th)19:01  No.44768  F  P8R6
>/f/ is one of the rare few boards on 4chan that still taste like the oldschool 4chan.
False fucking advertising. I want my money back.
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