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>>Anonymous  24feb2017(fr)06:42  No.44556  OP  P1
[G] Simply Mindy 0.6.0

Here it is

Simply Mindy 0.6.0.swf (35.74 MiB)
960x640, Compressed. 2 frames, 65 fps (00:00).
Ver13, AS3. Network access: Yes. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  24feb2017(fr)08:13  No.44561  A  P2R1
Keep playing and eventually you'll unlock a dungeon crawl.

 pew pew pew.jpg

>>Anonymous  24feb2017(fr)10:36  No.44567  B  P3R2
whats new in this one
>>Anonymous  24feb2017(fr)18:49  No.44575  C  P4R3
Why are the stats so broken on this one, getting too much int/spirit resets them to 0 and sometimes you gain class for no reason
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)03:49  No.44594  D  P5R4
Ahh. Was looking for the newest version. Thanks!
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)06:08  No.44598  E  P6R5
Work does not give the same stats all the time. If you have enough of some stat, then work starts giving you something different from before. For example cam, farm and guard were not doing -class, and cleaning was. suddenly i noticed work description changed and now only farm was not giving -class. Not intuitive, i agree. got to the Santa work, dont feel like it's worth playing any further since might be nothing there.
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)08:20  No.44601  F  P7R6
One of the things I noticed was that the job description and the slight variations to stat changes seem to be tied to each "season," though i admit after a while I started to wonder if anything was changing and just quit playing. Apparently there's more I haven't seen, though
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)18:00  No.44618  G  P8R7
Anyone know what to do with the wooden face you get form the BDSM chick?
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)20:29  No.44623  H  P9R8
Nope. It's probably not usable until now and part of the next update.
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)22:06  No.44625  I  P10R9
I have a strange feeling of déjà vu. You just grind stats, managing them the way that none of them go too far down, if you care for them at all. As much as I love boring and tedious shit, this thing is too boring and tedious even for me. And the game kind of acknowledges that, trying to spice things up a bit after a while, by adding... even more stat grind. And potentially locking you out of some important ones. Not only that, but the first time around you do not and can not know which ones are actually important, when they are important, and when they can be ignored. Verbal sigh.
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)23:15  No.44632  G  P11R10
I agree, I think they need to have some jobs that do not remove stats, and stat removing jobs grant bonus stats. It is korean level grindy.
>>Anonymous  26feb2017(su)02:19  No.44635  J  P12R11
Who had the bright idea to force the use of the arrow keys in a PORN GAME? Dumbasses.
>>Anonymous  26feb2017(su)11:33  No.44650  K  P13R12
am I the only one who is always reminded of simply sara when this game is mentioned?
i can hear the heaving in my head
>>Anonymous  27feb2017(mo)01:44  No.44681  L  P14R13
>not being left handed
>>Anonymous  27feb2017(mo)04:55  No.44685  A  P15R14

Forget being left handed. I don't know anyone who keeps a mouse on their left side. And as far as I know, the right hand is for browsing, and the left hand is for stimulating.

You penis does not care which hand you use. Because it's a penis, it only cares if it's getting attention.

>>Anonymous  27feb2017(mo)10:06  No.44689  M  P16R15
Some of us prefer arrows over forced WASD. If you have any sort of ergonomic keyboard--or use Dvorak, or Coleman, or just have slightly different letter shapes--then WASD is going to be off. Fuck that.
>>Anonymous  28feb2017(tu)02:44  No.44718  N  P17R16
Come on bro, just move your keyboard slightly to the left, it's not that "hard", if ya know what I mean ;););)

Please enlighten us then which stats are important, and not contradict your own statements.

Reminds me about a cool thing onehandgames did, they let you CHOOSE.
As in, this is an actual chunk of software and the devs could just easily put an option in that chooses between ASD, ←↑→ or zxc.
I hate when z is forced, because it's the ONLY fucking letter that is differently located on european keyboards.

>>Anonymous  2mar2017(th)15:49  No.44765  O  P18R17
A good flash, a head taller than most of the added games.
>>Anonymous  3mar2017(fr)00:23  No.44774  P  P19R18
anyone got a guide? what stats to max first what order to do shit?
>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)18:47  No.44920  Q  P20R19
Patron version 0.07 is out, we require it
>>Anonymous  7mar2017(tu)18:47  No.44921  Q  P21
Patron version 0.7.0 is out, we require it
>>Anonymous  8mar2017(we)04:27  No.44929  R  P22R20
How many jobs are there actually in the game? I can't get any in the bottom left box
>>Anonymous  10mar2017(fr)05:24  No.44991  S  P23R21
Second this, 055-070-preview.html
Can finally finish farmer john's
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