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>>Anonymous  23feb2017(th)04:34  No.44509  OP  P1
[G] Samus paizuri kooonsoft uncensored

nice find

samus paizuri kooonsoft uncensored.swf (624.8 KiB)
550x400, Compressed. 3 frames, 20 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  24feb2017(fr)18:17  No.44574  A  P2R1
>uncensored a dick and that's it

what a time to be alive

>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)01:23  No.44589  B  P3R2

You know, normally I'd wave this off as shitposting; however since Samus is one of the toughest motherfuckers out there, drawing humongous boobs on here and syncing her with squeaky girly noises, is not only inaccurate but demeaning to the whole series.

>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)13:55  No.44613  C  P4
Stop blogposting, faggot.
>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)19:18  No.44620  D  P5R3
>legit criticism about the porn being immersion breaking
>hurr durr stop blogposting faggot

I bet you weren't even born when Super Metroid came out, underage faggot.

>>Anonymous  25feb2017(sa)19:31  No.44621  C  P6
No I was born yesterday, ancient faggot.
Show me your WW2 draft registration card or gtfo.
>>Anonymous  26feb2017(su)16:52  No.44668  E  P7R4
dude comes like a woman
>>Anonymous  28feb2017(tu)02:26  No.44712  F  P8R5
yeah agreed, but guess what
every porn flash has squealing noises
and samus is hot
so expect non-canon squealing samus porn flashes

>that fucking ice cream
japan censor is best censor

>>Anonymous  10mar2017(fr)20:56  No.45003  G  P9R6
surprised it has a 18 friendly option lmao
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)01:59  No.45013  H  P10R7

I wish the pasties and ice cream were separated instead of grouped as censorship.

>>Anonymous  12mar2017(su)20:00  No.45085  I  P11R8
It's a stock female noise koonsoft and a bunch of others have been using, it's really nothing to be fussed about.
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)03:26  No.45098  J  P12R9
The titfuck animation is bad and skin-colored dick heads are retarded, I'd rather have it censored if it's gonna be that way.
>>Anonymous  13mar2017(mo)04:24  No.45101  K  P13R10
you're a huge dweeb
also... just because it's porn it should not stay true to it's original source?
what kind of fucking logic is that?
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)10:57  No.46160  F  P14R11
Just sayin' that porn is most of the time not true to character or setting or original source anywway (doubt the creators had multiple tentacle fuck in mind when creating strong protagonists).
So by that logic we'd get a lot less H flashes and a lot less fetish flashes, if everyone was so canon obessed.
Not that a true to source H work wouldn't be great. Just that complaining seems wrong as it won't exist most of the time, or be boring as fuck.

Also: I like ice cream, come at me bro.
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