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>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)10:57  No.44232  OP  P1
Creambee DEMO - Bubblegum Butt to Mouth (art style is Garabatoz)

A demo of Creambee's - Princess Bubblegum But to Marceline's Mouth
"yes, the art style is Garabatoz's " ime-569920328" I really loved that image and wanted to animate it"

Creambee - Adventure Time.swf (3.13 MiB)
1200x920, Compressed. 22 frames, 23 fps (00:01).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)11:08  No.44233  A  P2R1

lmao, I'll get my shitty flash sex somewhere else

>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)15:49  No.44240  B  P3R2
"I really loved that image and wanted to animate it"
>traces again just like the shantae image in the peach swf
>expect people to pay for your shit
Get the fuck out
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)16:02  No.44241  C  P4R3
That nigger is crazy if he wants actual fucking money for this garbage.
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)16:23  No.44244  B  P5R4
>opens flash with swf decompiler
>nigger didn't even draw the ass or the dicks , shit's all traced


>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)16:28  No.44245  B  P6
the dicks are meant to be there because of the realistic option.
doesn't make it any less scummy though.
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)16:39  No.44246  D  P7R5
you blame him, because ONE fucking picture is traced?


man, look at that shit from bato and all the other tracers, which steal zones work... that's more niggerish than only one picture...

>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)19:14  No.44257  B  P8R6
So because some other fuckers do it worse i can't call this nigger out?
So if i think a game is shitty i can't say its shitty because ET for the atari was made?
Ass kissing cuck.
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)20:27  No.44270  E  P9R7
meh, people trace all the time. i've done it. zone's done it. it's normal.

put "demo" in the file name next time please

>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)20:46  No.44272  F  P10R8
once again,FUCK OFF with your patreon bullshit if you're just gonna paywall it
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)22:00  No.44276  G  P11R9
Fuck this paywall asshole 76d7483426be145420170217085434/194637

PW - CB<3U

>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)22:05  No.44277  H  P12R10
your flash sucks fam
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)23:09  No.44279  I  P13R11
yo man, you got that peach one too?
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)23:48  No.44280  J  P14R12
>its like three scenes
>only anal
>only one position for the girls
>traced over art work
fucker and you thought you could paywall this for money?
you would not even get half of the shit your getting here if it was a timed release but the fact that you have the gall to do the "heres a demo! pay me for the whole thing" is ridiculous
especially when there are people like Fek putting out real programming work for a sex game and then collabs with the people who are playing a leaked version of his game to make it better.
you do now have the talent or the hard work put into these to justfy begging like this
get a better system or fuck off
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)10:27  No.44305  K  P15R13
I uploaded the full thing here, under Creambee Full.

I'll just do it for all his animations, I don't give a fuck, fuck the paywall.

>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)13:12  No.44310  L  P16
I don't give a fuck about his garbage content, but thanks for doing this.
Saves me from having to.
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)08:26  No.44335  A  P17R14
Every one of his flashes has traced images
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)15:13  No.44347  M  P18R15

I love that clicking on this causes anons to look at black people's dicks. The cuckers get cucked

>>Anonymous  20feb2017(mo)20:33  No.44400  N  P19R16
>I really loved that image and wanted to animate it
Nice damage control. You really think everything's fine when you're asking money for stuff where you blatantly copied other people's works? Admitting it isn't gonna change anything if you keep doing it.
>>Anonymous  21feb2017(tu)04:28  No.44416  A  P20R17
He uploaded the final version of this flash to his HF after other people found out about all the tracing. I don't think its legal to sell other peoples work after all you did was trace and tween.
>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)16:08  No.46496  O  P21R18
i wish he would do more oppai loli animations
>>Anonymous  22mar2017(we)22:01  No.46505  P  P22R19
I don't see the issue in tracing when he cites the source, even with a paywall.

Still needs to put the source inside the flash(like Jason Afex do).

>>Anonymous  23mar2017(th)10:16  No.46515  Q  P23R20
its not legal as its more than 70% altered to be his own work, so no its not plaigarism.
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