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>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)08:58  No.44230  OP  P1
Behind The Dune Version 11.3.swf (11 MiB)
1152x864, Compressed. 21 frames, 20 fps (00:01).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)11:27  No.44235  A  P2R1
This is great actually
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)11:27  No.44236  A  P3
This is great, actually. Like a fresh breath agter 2nd tier hentai shit.
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)15:08  No.44239  B  P4R2
good but the spice collection is impossible to fuck up, would've preferred more depth or at least a minigame rather than click skip day 9000 times
btw you can go into negative spice if you get the smuggler to show her tits for 100 then click them before selecting the 200 option
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)19:56  No.44261  C  P5R3
>chapter 8
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)21:54  No.44275  D  P6R4
is it possible to fuck reverend mother?
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)00:41  No.44281  E  P7R5
well... this was pretty much the movie but with big tiddies and some porn... although it was a good interactive flash good job
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)05:33  No.44291  F  P8R6
Holy hell this was actually decent quality.
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)05:33  No.44292  F  P9
Holy shit this is actually pretty good!
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)05:49  No.44294  G  P10R7
Is there a guide for this? I wanna see all the scenes.
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)07:42  No.44297  H  P11R8
Don't know if I found all but I found a few.

Lady Jessica-

Opening titfuck: When talking to her the first time say the reverend mother is hot. Then take the first option after that.

Anal- Only available if you use the ghoal? resurrection thing on duncan. Then talk to Jessica about Duncan's memories and it should play. (No moneyshot tho.)

Rev mother- After the box thing say "Don't leave me like this" for a handjob.

Smuggler- Pay her to show her tits + puss, then the next time you'll get a sex option for 1000.

Chani- Get the 5 question quiz right

1. Stillsuit
2. Harkoneen
3. Blood saturated from spice
4. Shai- hulad
5. Shaitan

Princess- When raiding the palace just choose to strip her in the dialogue for a bukkake thing.

Chani+princess- Pre-credits scene if you threaten the guys at the end but don't kill them.

>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)08:02  No.44298  B  P12R9
blue fremen lady in the first underground base you visit has a watersports scene if you click the red button on her suit a few times, no idea if its any good i nope'd the fuck out after i saw the word "pee" in a porn flash
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)09:06  No.44301  I  P13R10
wow where did this come from. This is great i always wanted to pee on desert girls
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)15:31  No.44313  J  P14R11
The real question is, it possible to fuck the Navigator?
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)21:36  No.44323  K  P15R12
near the end when planning the attack on the palace go to the freeman chiefs daughter and "talk about other stuff than spice" choose "stroke me"
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)05:13  No.44332  L  P16R13
When the palace is under attack you can get a blow job from the lady with the sword by begging for sex before death
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)06:10  No.44333  M  P17R14
When Lady Jessica is standing next to Chani in the underground lake you can tell her to swim naked. After she swims she is nude and the option to tell her "get dressed" is the only way to continue the conversation. Instead of talking to her after she is nude leave to the cave's entrance and return. Talk to her again and she only has on a swimsuit top and her hair is now let down.

It is not sex but Lady Jessica looks way hotter full nude and with her hair down. Not sure if the swim top is a graphical glitch or not.

>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)08:00  No.44334  N  P18R15
I snooped around in the files, somehow you can get the blowjob ending but with Jessica in place of Chani
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)08:30  No.44336  N  P19
Found it, revive duke leto, then at the end choose they tried to kills us, I'll kill them both and you get blowjob with your cousin and mother
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)10:09  No.44342  O  P20R16
Nah, that's actually Duke Leto who get#s the action and Lady Jessica only licks his asshole.
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)15:12  No.44346  P  P21R17
tbh, you can already do this after the fremen chief left you alone
>>Anonymous  19feb2017(su)19:15  No.44350  Q  P22R18
Yeah I really like the quality, it's easy in the top 1% of porn games, I wish there were more sexual scenes tho.
>>Anonymous  20feb2017(mo)05:37  No.44380  R  P23R19
No, in that ending it's CHANI (not your mom) licking YOUR butthole (not Duke Leto's). Actually read the two lines of dialogue before the pictures-- you're married to your cousin and Chani becomes your concubine. That's the ending.
>>Anonymous  20feb2017(mo)05:53  No.44382  S  P24R20
In case anyone got the urge to watch Dune after playing this.
Best Dune: (Not a Rick-Roll, I swear.)
>>Anonymous  20feb2017(mo)10:42  No.44383  T  P25R21
Okay game with some good animations, wish there was a gallery.
>>Anonymous  5mar2017(su)23:08  No.44837  U  P26R22
@ N, O, & R: Depending on whether you revived Duke Leto the ending is either cousin & mother with your dad, or cousin & chiani with you
>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)11:22  No.44862  V  P27R23
We need a version where the navigator has a sex scene. That is a must.
>>Anonymous  6mar2017(mo)12:39  No.44863  W  P28
Get the fuck back to where you came from, retard.
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