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>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)22:03  No.44217  OP  P1
Girls With Anubis.swf (7.69 MiB)
1920x1080, Uncompressed. 432 frames, 48 fps (00:09).
Ver6, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: No. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)23:08  No.44218  A  P2R1
explain this
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)07:03  No.44229  B  P3R2
Its Farah and Osira from "Legend of queen Opala"
Farah on left, Osira,right.
>>Anonymous  26feb2017(su)23:25  No.44678  C  P4R3
Need the Maker

Who made this? It's awesome.

>>Anonymous  9mar2017(th)02:40  No.44966  D  P5R4
Has anyone found the source at all yet? I have a feeling whoever made this did more but the name escapes me
>>Anonymous  9mar2017(th)10:59  No.44975  E  P6R5
Found it. It's by noname55, just google the name.
>>Anonymous  9mar2017(th)21:06  No.44989  D  P7R6
Thank you Anon.
>>Anonymous  10mar2017(fr)08:16  No.44994  F  P8R7
That's a pretty funny name given the situation.
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)06:45  No.45018  G  P9R8
Can someone make the dog thing white? I can't feel the immersion.
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)08:04  No.45020  F  P10R9
Dog Thing? You're kidding,right?
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)10:13  No.45021  H  P11

You didn't actually think that the troll who cried whitewashing is old enough to have any substantial knowledge about the kemetic pantheon, did you?

>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)11:29  No.45022  I  P12R10

Oh newfriends

>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)12:48  No.45024  J  P13
>He was merrily retarding to be pretended!
>>Anonymous  14mar2017(tu)11:10  No.46163  K  P14
Don't sage good thread just because you have to spray some maymays.
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