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>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)12:56  No.44120  OP  P1
zoey cum harvest


zoey cum harvest.swf (63.42 MiB)
1280x720, Compressed. 9632 frames, 60 fps (02:41).
Ver27, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes.
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>>Anonymous  15feb2017(we)03:22  No.44171  A  P2R1
Wow, this again, I hoped there'd be more scenes this time, I mean come on its 63 MB
>>Anonymous  15feb2017(we)18:00  No.44183  B  P3R2
StudioFOW sucks.
>>Anonymous  15feb2017(we)20:11  No.44185  C  P4R3
Raw file from SFM takes more space on hdd
>>Anonymous  15feb2017(we)23:40  No.44188  D  P5R4
Nice animation...
>that scout
>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)01:06  No.44189  E  P6R5
it's pretty good but damn, that file size. keep the quality down a bit so you have somewhere to expand when the time comes
>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)06:11  No.44195  F  P7R6
>no beasty easter egg
>only three fucking scenes
>over 60MBs
>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)16:18  No.44209  G  P8R7
It amazes me how people can complain that much over free high quality stuff...
How is it even possible to be that spoiled?
>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)17:10  No.44210  H  P9R8
Nothing is safe from scrutiny, critique and plain old bitching, and nothing should be.
Lack of bitching creates conceited asshats, fuck back to whatever easily impressed circlejerk you came from.
>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)17:44  No.44212  G  P10R9
Well, now that comment started good and went to retardistan right at the end.
Of course nothing should be safe from critique. Critique in any and all froms is important. But complaining about free stuff despite it having a higher quality then a good chunk of the paid stuff (which REALLY should be the target of critique) is just plain stupid.
"Here, have a free Audi."
"I wanted a (free) Porsche, you stupid asshat."
That's essentially what this is and that's why I'm so amazed by it.
>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)18:14  No.44213  I  P11R10

>Free high quality stuff

Pick one.

These guys earn 20,000+ dollars every month. Even at the time this garbage was released they were up to 6000 already. Its hilarious with how little effort and resources they make these and how people buy into it. Any idiot can dick around in SFM and learn how to do this if given enough time as SFM is entry level porn making.

>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)19:49  No.44216  H  P12R11
"Here, have a free Audi"
"Nah I hate Audi, it's garbage"
>>Anonymous  16feb2017(th)23:34  No.44219  G  P13R12
>Any idiot can dick around in SFM and learn how to do this if given enough time as SFM is entry level porn making.
Well, then do it better you tard and earn the money yourself...
And yes, they do earn money from donations. Donations!
Their stuff is still free for everyone.
What is so fucking hard to grasp about that?

Is that you?

>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)11:59  No.44237  H  P14R13
I'm not clicking your youtube video.

>Well, then do it better you tard and earn the money yourself...
Yes, let's all become SFM "artists" and see where that will lead us in 10 years.
People have real jobs, you know.

>You should totally love this it's FREE, if you don't, you're a spoiled brat.
>You should totally eat this dogshit it's FREE, if you don't, you're a spoiled brat
The label "FREE" adds no fucking value to a product, mate.

>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)12:25  No.44238  F  P15R14
>high quality
I'm literally saying that it isn't high quality. That is my complaint here.
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)19:54  No.44260  J  P16R15
comparing random works of porn for the random internet to a gift from a loving and caring family member is insane!
the guy in the video should have been at least somewhat respectful and hide his dissappointment behind some dismissing polite phrases.
but for some "thing" on the net, you wouldn't
this shouldn't even be posted here in the first place, because it's most likely pirated
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)21:29  No.44274  K  P17R16
> Not your average smut
Gives less than average smut
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)08:28  No.44299  A  P18R17
I appreciate the quality, but I've seen this flash so often and for the size there is simply nearly no content, 2 scenes and the fucking scout easteregg.
>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)06:53  No.45019  L  P19R18
With the resource Studio Fow has, they could've made their flash much sexier and fappable. They really don't need to spend so much time and energy on cool intro, villain introduction (and all filler involving them), and ending/credit with special effect and what not.

Also, their only voice actress sounds way too intelligible most of time for what the FC is going through.

>>Anonymous  11mar2017(sa)20:11  No.45041  M  P20R19
>cheesy cheap voice actress half-laughing half-absent
>low quality animation full of clipping
>arrogance as "professional artistry" and much ado for nothing
>default render and free models like every amateur; not a single original effect, post-processing or texture
>retarded easter eggs which nobody finds funny
>not even fappable or hot

I could guess the creator even without the horse logo. I can name a dozen all the way better SFM creators who aren't patreonbait and do it for free.

It's really funny how delusional StudioFOW is, these guys think they are the pinnacle of porn for using default SFM without innovating or doing anything better than below-average SFM porn.

>>Anonymous  12mar2017(su)14:12  No.45081  N  P21R20
Not to mention the fact that anything half fappable they make is rarely, if barely near 10 minutes, if not five or three.
>>Anonymous  21mar2017(tu)23:59  No.46474  O  P22R21
I don't really like Studiofow but the delusional one here is you.

What you said is akin to saying "How can X company possibly sell Y movie at all, all they did was use Z movie editing software that any idiot can learn to use!" like that argument makes any sense.

Editing isn't the hard part, hell it isn't hard at all. Learning to use any tool isn't hard. Are you some dipshit who complains that the local electrician dares charge you for work they did which anyone can learn to do?

You can't do what they do, or more apt to say you won't. Editing especially in SFM is tedious as fuck, the best free/no donation guys release shit that is seconds long because it takes hours to make those seconds look good.

This isn't even about you're opinion nor is it saying you can't criticize or not like something that is free.

This is about your argument making little to no sense.

You are mad they are making money for something you deem takes little skill without realizing that's not the point.

Not even using this as an example, 5-20 minute long videos can take hundreds of hours in SFM and that shouldn't surprise you. Whether you believe they deserve that money is a moot point, you're just an idiot in the end.
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