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>>creambee  5feb2017(su)16:13  No.43856  OP  P1
Creambee - Announcement (Princess Peach)

Hi everybody! I'd like to make an announcement I've decided, I'm going to develop and create games. Simple, straight to the point fun xxx games. where the game play is designed around the players desire and intent. Right now, by myself it will be a slow and steady process. So to help get the ball rolling a bit faster, to get other artist and coders involved and put out some good quality games, I've launched a Patreon page. I will continue to create interactive animations regularly so if you'd like to support me and get full versions of my work like of this one (Princess Peach) please support me on
Thank you so much for understanding

Creambee - Announce (Princess Peach).swf (1.15 MiB)
1080x720, Compressed. 6 frames, 30 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)17:42  No.43857  A  P2
i was going to compliment you and wish you the best of luck but then i realized this fucking flash is censored. if this is how it's going to be --you'll be uploading a bunch of spam flashes to cock tease people into donating for access to "full versions"-- then please go away to some other corner of the internet.
>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)17:47  No.43858  B  P3R1
Im gonna need to see more if im going to pay. Like some nudity and maybe one sex scene. This is just a tease.
>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)18:05  No.43860  C  P4
>so if you'd like to support me and get full versions of my work
If you wouldn't like to support him but still get his full versions, don't worry you'll get them anyway.

I'm looking forward to seeing you put the "eloper" part back in Developer, as all you faggots do.

>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)18:33  No.43863  D  P5R2
Another content creator falls for the patreon meme.

Anyway, if you right-click and press play, it cycles thru everything in the file, and apparently the censor could be removed.

>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)23:04  No.43866  E  P6R3
That upper body pose and face look familiar... 139/204/230.jpg

>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)23:58  No.43867  F  P7R4
what kind of freak even spots stuff like that?
>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)00:48  No.43868  G  P8R5
So not only is it censored , it's not even fucking original. Well fucking done.

Hack fraud.

>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)01:41  No.43869  H  P9R6
As much as I'd like to support the OP, Patreon keeps rejecting my card so I can't even enjoy the content most artist paywall these days.
>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)01:49  No.43870  H  P10
I need to fap to this so badly but Patreon won't let me. Someone plz deliver. ;_;
>>Creambee  6feb2017(mo)02:08  No.43871  OP  P11R7

Heya everybody, so yeah, thank you for the brutal honesty, I wouldn't have posted on this site if I was only hoping for flowers and rainbows in the comments. I'm so sorry to post work that comes off as a cock-tease.
Also, good eye spotting the Shantea pose. I loved that pose so much that I wanted to see it animated, and on Peach. I've mentioned it on my Hentai foundry page... but I'm guessing I should of mentioned it here too.
I did consider posting work for free and just hoping for support, but I felt that would be unfair to those supporting me. If someone does post my work for free I won't be mad, It'll show to me that more people want it and that's an upside.
In the future I'll try to post more stuff for everyone, supporters or not, but right now it's just me on my own starting off so I can only put out so much. And I'll also try to be more courteous and not be a cocktease.

>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)02:13  No.43872  H  P12R8

Good response, best of luck with your Patreon and projects. Hope you do more Peach stuff. :3

>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)02:20  No.43873  I  P13R9
>wanting people to get schwigged
>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)04:33  No.43877  J  P14R10
Late night drunkard opinion here: I've been a pro in porn flash consumption for lik 11 years. And well, you have to live with that that 99% of your audience wants that shit for free and uncensored, so you better either cater to that and put ads in it or just put out real quality content that's rare to get so all the pervs pay you cash.
I never paid for any kind of porn and it'll never change.
Also I'm an economics major.

Never said I was a good one.

>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)04:35  No.43878  J  P15
But I appreciate your work and won't tell you to kys.
Peach is a favourite of mine, but I hope you can refresh that Kim Possible in the future, she was always my favourite and back then, there were a lot of flashes of her.
>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)04:38  No.43879  J  P16
Btw, did you know that a lot of creative workers, software or not, became famous by planting pirated versions of their work? Because you are the fucking original man. You can always proof with your saved fils and prototypes that you are the original creator just in case and for an aspiring artist the single most important thing is getting a big ass audience. As long as you write your name under it you're fine even if you're not making a profit. People will long after your unique style, like I long after Shadbase for example.

Don't judge me.

>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)04:43  No.43881  J  P17
Now that I've seen the flash it's kinda shit. I like the art style, but drop the censors for fucks sake and do some nasty shit, I really wished that became some kind of glory hole situation but instead I got a gay ass message from the Dev, thank you very much.
>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)06:51  No.43889  K  P18R11
Nah, fuck off.
>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)21:24  No.43902  L  P19R12
if you want to give your patreons special treatment but avoid anger from those who dont pay there's one thing you should avoid, and that's releasing "demos" or any kind of truncated content. if you had released this flash without any kind of censoring it would have draw in more people from here than this censored one for sure.
id also suggest releasing full version of your stuff regardless, but maybe give it to your patrons a week early and WIPS for large projects. nine time out of ten people who support you on patreon are doing it to support you, not for any exclusive perks. and fans who wont or cant pay will only resent the content they cant get to.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)00:23  No.43909  A  P20R13
>I'm so sorry to post work that comes off as a cock-tease
"that comes off as a cock-tease", please, it IS a cock-tease. Either better yourself or admit what kind of person you are but don't try to angle it. People aren't as gullible as you think.

>not be a cocktease

>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)00:31  No.43910  A  P21
Also in future whenever you think about censoring or limiting your content for non-paying people remember that Zone never did that crap and look where he is now. You'll gain more in the end if you don't pull cockteasing stunts, leave such tactics to camwhores. There is a lot of competition these days and you'll need all the free advertising you can get from people that think you are a cool guy and genuinely want to support you. People just throwing money at a paywall won't help you grow.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)02:10  No.43924  J  P22R14
Exactly this because of that:
Just do it like most succesful porn artists do. Release a special version or the game earlier for paying customers and release the full version a couple days later. You can add patreon codes or whatever into your game without removing crucial content, like adding prototype functions and dev pictures and whatever.
Akabur does this really great, he always releases the full version of his games for free and still makes an assload of money just because he's that good and knows his audience.
I always appreciate it when somebody tries to get into this business. As Hank Hill said: Find your niche and get rich.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)02:50  No.43926  M  P23R15
Use Attachment. Probably the only case to use that.

A creator is always welcomed. You might sink into obscurity, but know that all new content is appreciated to some extend.
After that swfchan patreon controversy, I'd hesitate to contribute on that site though atm. Alternatives are not in sight unfortunately.
Makes me sad to see that nearly every comment here is mostly negative. OP didn't straight beg for money, and shit like that makes a comming creator really disheartened (if disillusioned).

We all think that flash shouldn't have been censored.
Probably to make it more postable on "not-sfw" websites (like patreon), while still making it clear what it's about.
An easteregg to remove the censor completely (involving flash knowledge, like resizing, would be amusing)

I'd like to point out that Zone is behind a paywall as well and has Demo swf for a lot of his major or older projects on his site (zone-archive).
He just didn't care about any piracy of his files, because as said, it always served as good publicity while still being oblivious to the "normalfag HentaiKey customer".

The flash is quite literally a demo for his patreon and unfinished. Maybe OP should have waited until he can provide a more accurate example of how the H-content will look like. Like Zone did.

I agree with that patreons want to support, and the content there is just a bonus and convenience.
It's really hard to argue what taht perks should be. But consider that, whenever something there is released, it's instantly posted here (or on similar websites) and releasing the thing again for "everyone" later would be basically useless. Most people will just wait until it's pirated if that's the only thing they care. That's how OneHandGames died ;_;-7.

All in all, good luck OP, and consider the criticism in this thread wisely, but don't let it get to you ;)


>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)05:39  No.43934  N  P24R16
Oh good, another patreon ebegging piece of shit who thinks they should make money from characters they don't own, nor have a license for. Rot in fucking Hell.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)09:42  No.43939  I  P25R17
>he does it for free
I know that you are the one reporting it, boy.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)16:47  No.43944  O  P26R18
Holy shit man, nice catch.
>>Anonymous  8feb2017(we)04:01  No.43955  P  P27R19
You really expect people to pay for your traced shit? 139/204/230.jpg

No, animating a few frames doesn't mean fair use.

>>Anonymous  8feb2017(we)07:37  No.43958  Q  P28R20
At some point Akabur was getting nearly 10k a month pumping out them invisible quality contents.

People are fucking gullible.

>>Anonymous  8feb2017(we)07:41  No.43960  Q  P29
Have you thought of a slight possibility of that some people genuinely want to support Zone, knowing fully well that all Zone's works can be gotten for free?
>>Anonymous  8feb2017(we)08:09  No.43963  H  P30R21
>barely copied pose equals traced

t. retarded autist

>>Anonymous  8feb2017(we)13:47  No.43972  M  P31R22
Yes, that's why I said, I understand that patreons (just) want to support, in many cases.
Only that in case of Zone, he won't get the money directly, and if you don't use his referral key, it doesn't do him any good really.
Zone stated that he explicitly doesn't care about people posting it on /f/, and often did himself back then, because as said, he gets paid anyway.
Don't know if he accepts donations or not. That might be the best way .
>>Anonymous  9feb2017(th)06:19  No.43982  P  P32R23
stay delusional
>>Anonymous  9feb2017(th)16:03  No.43991  Q  P33R24
From a layman's point of view, there are some noticeable difference in your "ah-ha, got you" image of Peach over lapped with Shantae. Plus, Peach's crouching and Shantae's standing.
>>Anonymous  10feb2017(fr)11:32  No.44029  P  P34R25

It's because I didn't actually get the size and position of the overlay to fit, I just eyeballed it.

It's beyond doubt it was traced.. look at the body proportions.

>>Anonymous  10feb2017(fr)12:16  No.44031  R  P35R26
Creambee, I like your work, but to censor and tease us like this while annoucing you have a paywall is just bad.

Coupled with the tracing issue, which I am going to ignore for this post.

But I would of rathered you do what every Legend of Krystal flash maker does, which is release the flash in debug and allow patreons to work with you, rather then paywall it until someone posts it here.

They also post new flashes 2 weeks in advance for patreons, then publicly. That is a good standard, and I support Elana of Lust, which has the 2 week period as one of the patreon awards, along with the other stuff. Look at what those artists are doing, a permanent paywall means people either ignore your stuff, pirate it, or find some another artist who offers work for free.

>>Anonymous  10feb2017(fr)20:49  No.44040  S  P36R27
This and I'm a patron of yours. Perma paywall = perma dicking from anons who can and WILL find away to get your stuff
>>Anonymous  10feb2017(fr)23:34  No.44041  T  P37R28
If it's any consolation for you guys, the full thing isn't even that good.

Friendly reminder about the guy expanding the fuck out of that Peach thing Playshapes made way back in the day and he's doing it for free (with the option to donate IF YOU WANT of course). Can't remember what it was called right now. Peach's Untold Tale I think? Something like that.

The quality and overall content of that is far better than most of what people will have you pay for, such as this disappointing thing.

>>Anonymous  11feb2017(sa)00:17  No.44043  H  P38R29

Post it please, I want to see it.

>>Anonymous  12feb2017(su)23:01  No.44090  U  P39R30
>ITT a bunch of spoiled fucking cunts whining that they aren't getting shit for free.
>As if they aren't going to try and find a way to pirate all this shit anyway.

So tell me, guys: when did you all first realize you were faggots?

>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)01:20  No.44099  V  P40R31
Cuck detected
>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)09:57  No.44117  U  P41R32
If you met my wife, you'd wanna watch her take a big black dick in the ass too.
>>Anonymous  13feb2017(mo)11:26  No.44119  E  P42R33
The runs entitlement on both sides. Monetizing using Patreon and other services is so easy nowadays that every kid who picks up a stylus thinks they're entitled to make a living because they drew some porno art. It's of course everyone's personal choice, but you should really take it for what it is: a hobby, something you do for pleasure.
>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)08:16  No.44144  M  P43R34
But what if you want to do more of it? Make a living off it so you can just draw Hentai porn every day in your life?
If you don't like it, then don't support the artist. It's not like asking is forcing you to do.
But some knockoff just picking up a pencil, drawing poor r34 of well received characters and then posing as if they even COULD do that and beg for money while at it ... now that's shameful I agree.
I really wanted to like patreon for what they're enabling. But first breeding_farm.swf and then what happened to our admin. Hurts even more to see.
>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)16:17  No.44155  E  P44R35
I agree, nothing's forcing anyone to support an artist. But should an artist decide to make it their mission to make art their primary source of income, they'll have to face the same realities as they would with any business. Questions like "is what I'm producing something people would pay for?" and "am I original enough to rise above the masses?" are pretty important. Especially in something as overplayed as hentai/porn art you'll be competing with hundreds, possibly thousands, of other artists already doing commissions/Patreon/etc. Chances are a good chunk of those artists are also more skilled than you are and are also very affordable.

Not that any of this really has much to do with the subject of this thread. The guy was just asking for a little bit of support to make developing his flash games a little faster, which I think is fairly reasonable.

>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)17:37  No.44156  W  P45R36

You say something happened to our admin? What did happen?

>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)19:27  No.44159  X  P46R37
Don't pay for the undeserving ones then? Don't you believe in market self-regulation?
>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)19:29  No.44160  X  P47
Your body proportion is quite similar to that of Tyrone next door. Did your mom trace you as well?
>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)19:37  No.44161  X  P48
How's that shameful? People will put the rightful value to their work in accordance to the quality. They are producing something tangible to say the least. And, not everything turns out to be Breeding Season.
>>Anonymous  14feb2017(tu)19:41  No.44162  Y  P49
Stop posting/10
>>Anonymous  17feb2017(fr)19:09  No.44256  M  P50R38

Nothing world destroying. To put it shortly: Our glorious overlord wanted to do a patreon thing, which was picking up quite OK for some time.
But as he's up for maximum anonimity for himself and his /f/ellow citizens, he hid himself behind 7 proxies and quasi-but-not-even "fake" patreon profiles. He did ask for permission beforehand.
But after all that time it took only one faggot who saw the ads on this site (which are not under direct control) and got a probably fake virus alert. He then reported the patreon for scam and it got removed for no particular reason and support did say nothing and wasn't even answering any mails (would only say to write them more mails about it!). The money was paid back to all patreon for nearly the whole lifespan of it. Ants didn't state if they actually demanded it back from him.

->Project dropped
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