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>>DigimonHentaiZone  4feb2017(sa)08:47  No.43812  OP  P1
Gabumon Bubu Digimon SHOW 1 DigimonHentaiZone

Gabumon Bubu Digimon SHOW 1 DigimonHentaiZone

This is The Digimon Show. Flash Animations, Art, And Music done by me, GabumonBubu. Quick note viewers...Turn your speakers on. And I'm new to flash so Don't get on my back about it. Thanks and please enjoy! =)

Hello Gabumon BuBu; you draw the best gabumon I've ever seen!. Keep up the good work on the Flash Cartoons. You have a promising career as an freelance artist. -Wolfprince, Legendary Wolf Super Saiyan

My friend, I look back on Feburary 15th and remember the day you replied to my fan letter to you about your lemon "Kindred Glow, Missing Ash". I never thought it'd spark such a valuable friendship. I've always felt like a sombody in the DHZ ever since I met you. You have been highly inspiring and if it wasn't for you, I probably wouldn't be as happy as I am now. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart, where I reserve all my special love for friends as great as you. So to my friend and confidanté, I say this: may your skill with these flash movies greatly increase. Keep up the good work buddy! -Agumon Gugu

Hi! I really must say that this is the best yaoi/hentai flash show of digimon ever... It's really great! Keep up the good work! -Yaoi lover from a small country

Hi there I most say this was the best digimon only hentai I've ever seen. Your arts of Gabumon and Agumon is so good and cute. Since I am a Gabumon fan this "Show" kicks all other Gabumon related stuff aside. Ideas to make this even better: No use of other arts: I see in ep3 you are using Agumon and Veemon original Taoi art (in some scenes) and it's not so good it seems so lazy.... you own art kick ass so you don't need to take some others art. Sondtrack in mp3: yes your small tunes is grate I really want them on mp3 they are short and very cute melodies. Gabumon's first time: Ok when this is going to happened it most be really romantic and cute no mother -PIIIIP- rape or something like that.... hope it will be a yaoi scene.... PS: Yes I know my English sucks big time hope you figure out what I just wrote.... -Sonik_SE (a hentai fan from Sweden)

hey, love the cartoon. It's great! It would be awesome if you made more. If you are, I cant wait to see em ;D Keep up the good work! -T.H.

Hey wasup, Bubu? Just checkin' out your flashes and they're amazing! I've always been a big fan of Gabumon's (he's just so cute and cool.) I think Agumon gets far too much attention than he should, (though he's still cool) but it would be great if the two got together. I'm looking forward to the next one and hoping it'll be soon. All the best.......... -Scar

Would you ever consider making a digimon Whazzap! Flash? -R.R.

Your character design and content improved dramatically in just two episodes (in my humble opinion) It's nice when you have more than one option (straight or yaoi). It'd also be great to include even more as the story progressed, sort of like one of those "chose your own adventure" styles. Few minor drawbacks: It takes forever to load good flash content on a 56k so consider perhaps releasing a zip file so people could download them and watch them later =^.^= (I know I'm not the only one out there with a 56krappy) -A.F. (Soni's edit: sorry, no zip files allowed, dude. Site policy.)

Hey, your flash movies are great... without a doubt, top class. When about will number 4 be out? Number 3 is great, you're a really good Gabumon drawer too! Anyway I hope you reply to my email so I can get to know you, byebye -SinakuWolf~~*britain* (Soni's edit: He can't reply to your email because I'M the one who gets these, not Gabumon Bubu directly.)

OMG, your flash toons are amazing!! Although they aren't too detailed, they're still the coolest I've seen. -Dragoonair

Totally awesome work in the Digimon show! What I'd like to see is something with Weregarurumon and WarGreymon though ;) Think you can pull that one off? Gabu's been so shy long enough! Heheh! Great job :D -Grifter T. Wolf

WOW! Very nice flash animations. I really admire your work. Keep up the good work ^/;=;\^ -drgnmaster1000_1029

Excelent! #1 and #2 were great, and #3 is loading as I type this. These are very good and you draw very well. I agree with Grifter T. Wolf that a Weregarurumon and Wargreymon would be good, but of course it's up to you. Well, I hope you get a #4 up soon cause these are great. Keep up the great work! -*a flamedramon hentai fan*

Hey man! Your series is very cool, but I have a question... are you working on an other episode?? Thx. -T.V.C.

I just saw all your animations on the Digimon Hentai Zone. Great work. One question, what's the name of the song in episode 3 that is playing during the soccer game at the start? -Z.M.S.

I really loved all three flash videos. They showed some good emotion for the characters (so who is Gabumon's master anyway? I thought Tai but it seems like he's out...) and I really hope Veemon and Gatoman can find peace and love, even if you'd think she'd be with Patamon because they both become Angels. Why does a cat become an angel anyway...? So keep up the good work! -Tyciol

I found those secret things you've hid in your flash cartoons. The ending one was so beautiful. I almost cried. Thank you. -P.T.

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