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>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)22:15  No.43755  OP  P1
It looks like newgrounds has converted a bunch of old flashes into videos and made that the default for viewing most content. Here's a movie that I liked.

595081_eternal_saturday_flashvers.swf (14.1 MiB)
864x480, Compressed. 8400 frames, 29.97 fps (04:40).
Ver9, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
[find in archive]

>>Anonymous  16mar2017(th)23:43  No.46291  A  P2R1
the owners of newgrounds are a fucking disgrace, they had their own little niche on the internet (biggest flash place) and instead decided to try and compete with youtube (something that is just foolish). pisses me off every time i go to newgrounds now and see stuff clearly made in flash yet delivered as a video.
>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)00:05  No.46294  A  P3
Let's compare the swf with the mp4:

+ Infinite resolution
+ Lossless quality
+ 29 FPS
+ 14.1 MiB
+ Interactive

+ Only 1080p
+ Lossy quality
+ 29.970 FPS (ok?)
+ 143 MiB
+ Not interactive

The flash could have been 120 FPS without increased file size thanks to tweens, the movie would need several times more MiB for that.

You can right-click and zoom in on things in the flash for a more detailed look, naturally this wouldn't be possible in a movie without increasing resolution and inflating the file size several times.

The video streams while the flash preloads however flash can also stream as it loads perfectly well. It only buffer everything because the creator does not have the proper knowledge that flash does indeed support streaming. So he made a preloader, just like most people on Newgrounds think is a good idea. You can right-click and select play before it has finished downloading completely.

Got triggered by this, I knew Newgrounds had started allowing videos but if they are now also removing swf files from existance without the artists consent... it's so fucking wrong. Many of them are not available anywhere else (probably because they are shit, but its the principle).

Also wtf am I watching in this flash anyway?

>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)00:10  No.46295  A  P4
Forgot to mention scaling, if this flash was 1 hour long and featured the same characters/scenes the file size would inflate less and less for each minute because of reused resources. For example you might find 14 MiB for the first 5 minutes and then 5 MiB for the additional 55 minutes.

With a video the file size would scale constantly for each second. You'd need 143 MiB for the first 5 minutes and then 1573 MiB for the additional 55 minutes.

>>Anonymous  17mar2017(fr)02:31  No.46301  B  P5R2
>vulnerabilities and malware risk
>needs an annoying plugin
>won't run everywhere
>it is CPU intensive for HD stuff
>if it runs, it will run differently for each user
>bad picture/video/audio encoding for imported non-vector stuff
>audio and video sync issues

>Won't get hacked by it
>Runs everywhere
>leechers will not trace/reskin your job
>audio/video synced
>you have a proper seekbar and can play while loading
>won't have audio playing twice if using the seekbar
>It's isomorphic
>runs the same everywhere
>It's hardware-optimized by any modern CPU and is not CPU intensive

Flash is dead and thanks god it's dead.
Its only used for annoying ads for at least a decade by now, no real use other than ads and spreading malware. Everyone is using unity/html5/somepythonbasedengine for game and mp4 for videos, since it's a lot better encoding than .flv, and using html5 players since flash ones are broken as fuck.

Storage/filesize is not a issue since 2010, 1TB HDs are the norm and internet is fast.

>>Anonymous  19mar2017(su)06:34  No.46368  C  P6R3
kek, most adobe cons, I can see
but the pros on mp4
you're just

also still doesn't make it right to force change on a site that started as a dedicated flash portal
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