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>>Anonymous  25jan2017(we)10:57  No.43557  OP  P1
[G] New Skuddbutt/Shadbase Raven Flash

Shit's good mang.

3d Raven Flash Shädbase.swf (58.31 MiB)
1920x1080, Uncompressed. 1789 frames, 24 fps (01:15).
Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: No.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes. <METADATA>
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>>Anonymous  25jan2017(we)11:31  No.43558  A  P2R1
>>Anonymous  25jan2017(we)14:03  No.43559  B  P3R2
not bad for what it is, especially since its not actually made by shad, but the looping needs some work, always stutters
>>Anonymous  25jan2017(we)18:03  No.43567  C  P4R3
damn, nice work! though dickgirls are a turnoff for me, otherwise excellent flash
>>Anonymous  25jan2017(we)19:06  No.43568  D  P5R4
>>Anonymous  25jan2017(we)22:37  No.43571  E  P6R5
Ruined by dickgirls.
>>Anonymous  26jan2017(th)00:58  No.43579  F  P7R6
Quality stuff
>>Anonymous  26jan2017(th)02:58  No.43580  G  P8R7
Mmm, Raven. Not bad. Lately there are few good games/videos.
>>Anonymous  27jan2017(fr)01:05  No.43598  H  P9R8
Wanted to see this animated since forever... And yet I feel let down.
Expecting that paper mario flash quality and got this.

...Since I see (>>43559) it's not made by Shad, but just based off his work, I shall continue to wish.

>>Anonymous  27jan2017(fr)02:31  No.43599  I  P10R9
I've never understood the attraction to Raven, I'm more a Starfire kinda person.
>>Anonymous  27jan2017(fr)13:05  No.43618  J  P11R10
The opposite is true for me. Tastes are different.
>>Anonymous  27jan2017(fr)17:24  No.43636  K  P12R11
>that slimy balls animation
>ends on bukkake
if maybe every scene had a cum animation but this is unfappable for moi
>>Anonymous  27jan2017(fr)21:14  No.43638  L  P13R12
I saw the schlicking scene before this was released and it seemed pretty cute. Not happy with the final product, however.
>>Anonymous  27jan2017(fr)21:27  No.43639  M  P14R13
another Shadbase shit taste futa. if I wanted to see balls I would just watched some faggot shit or casual porn
>>Anonymous  28jan2017(sa)22:52  No.43673  N  P15R14
says the person that cared enough to comment and likely watch the whole way through
>>Anonymous  29jan2017(su)05:10  No.43675  M  P16R15
I Skimmed through it hoping it was going to get better... "Hoping"
>>Anonymous  29jan2017(su)05:45  No.43676  O  P17R16
>More homoshit pretending to be straight
>>Anonymous  29jan2017(su)12:58  No.43682  P  P18
>cared enough to comment
Wow, a whole 15 seconds.
He must be super invested in this.
>>Anonymous  29jan2017(su)21:38  No.43693  K  P19R17
maybe that is the problem!
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)05:00  No.43739  Q  P20R18

you what mate? the dudes are literally redrawn into girls so you don't have to stare at some hairy sweaty manly ass.

>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)06:05  No.43741  L  P21R19
Futa sucks. Making the dudes clones of the girl is also lazy. In a situation like this, the "males" shouldn't appear in the first place, they should be transparent or something. Gangbangs are a shit fetish anyway, if I wanted to see a bunch of guys banging a woman I'd go to your wife's house.
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)07:35  No.43742  R  P22R20
Framerate is trash- is that from the flash's formatting, or just my pleb setup?
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)11:01  No.43743  S  P23R21
Male + Female is the natural order of things, anything involving girls with cocks is gay period.
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)18:17  No.43746  T  P24R22
>I want to see hairy manly ass pounding some pussy
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)18:30  No.43747  Q  P25R23
This was based on the few comic strips where Raven is fucked by other versions of herself drawn by Shadman. Of course, it's gonna have clones of Raven.
>>Anonymous  1feb2017(we)18:32  No.43749  Q  P26
By natural order of things, you shouldn't even be here jerking it to a screen. Anything involving innovation and imagination is gay, period.
>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)01:30  No.43756  U  P27R24
wow this was a really good flash
>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)07:09  No.43757  V  P28R25
Always this shit

>I'm such a insecure faggot which I have to post how manly I'm everytime

>G-guys, I'm straight. See? I don't even like cocks.
>Have I told you I am not gay? I'm really hetero and don't like gay and gay stuff.
>Here I solemnly swear that I don't like cocks and have a turnoff to flash like this.
>I'm so straight that I need to point to random people on internet that I dislike futa

TL;DR: Kill youreself.

>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)11:44  No.43760  W  P29R26
My thoughts on the animation and the discussion:

"Eh. It's alright."

>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)12:46  No.43761  P  P30R27
Every single time

>I'm such an insecure faggot that I just have to post and defend faggotry everytime, everywhere.

>G-gays, I'm not straight. See? I even want "girls" to have cocks.
>Have I told you I am gay? I'm really homo and don't like non-gays and non-gay stuff.
>Here I solemnly swear that I love cocks and have a turn on for flashes like this.
>I'm so gay that I need to point out to random people on internet that I love futa

>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)17:56  No.43762  T  P31R28
I would give you the point of the argument that this is gay only if there was actually a penis inside a male orifice, but since is not like that then that means you are wrong.
>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)18:12  No.43763  P  P32R29
I would give you the point of the argument that this is straight only if there was actually only female orifices, but since is not like that then that means you are wrong.
>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)19:03  No.43764  T  P33R30
>i have not conterargument ergo i will repeat what you said
Top kek.

penis inside female=hetero
penis inside male=gay

Is simple as that, pussboi.

>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)19:44  No.43765  P  P34R31
Why waste precious seconds writing a proper reply, when you can't even communicate in English?

>Wanting to see ANY dick other than your own.
Tub caek, cuckboii.

I'll let you get back to being "totally straight" while jerking it to Buck Angel getting pounded.

>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)19:51  No.43766  T  P35R32
>tips fedora
>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)20:01  No.43767  P  P36R33
>frantically untips jar of semen
>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)20:51  No.43769  X  P37R34
kek why do gays get so mad when they're called out

like bruh just admit ur gay dude so we can all just like chill my bruh

>>Anonymous  2feb2017(th)21:32  No.43772  T  P38R35
Well meme'd.

>you are gay because you don't want to look a hairy man ass fucking a female orifice

I don't quite get your thought process, you are telling me that if i find sexually arousing to watch a 3D virtual representation of female getting fuck by a dick that is attached to another female figure does that mean I'm gay?

then by that logic finding sexually arousing to watch a female by a dick attached to a male figure makes you even more gay, ergo heterosexuality is not real.

>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)00:18  No.43774  Y  P39R36
I am glad that everyone here can agree that Shadman is shit tier.
>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)09:12  No.43779  Q  P40R37
Some of his fetish specific contents are decent. Plus he promotes artists better than himself on his website, which is kinda nice.

Plus his stuff is always good for days that you wanna jerk it to something crude and nasty.

>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)09:19  No.43780  Q  P41
There is no logical process.

Do you think a person would have a logic driven critical thinking process drawn forth by this flash? It's almost always first an emotion is elicited then the person tries to rationalize it without looking any deeper into the issue itself or involving any sort of introspection, even for more serious matters.

>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)10:30  No.43781  Z  P42R38
Futa is the most closet case bullshit out there. Stop being pussy footing little faggots and admit to your cock lust. Then maybe you can stop ruining everything with your futa trash.
>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)16:35  No.43782  AA  P43

I know it's been put out there before, but just to reiterate: I don't see the logic.

Penis on male doing female = not gay
Penis on female doing female = gay

Better yet: No penis on female doing female = actually gay but totally fine by the crusaders against futa.

Honestly, stop projecting your personal insecurities onto others. It's quite pathetic.

>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)16:42  No.43783  AB  P44R39
Everyone who commented on this flash is gay, especially the ones calling other people gay, myself included. You all only clicked on it because it said Shadbase and the preview showed a bunch of dicks anyway, so stop arguing over who is or isn't a faggot you faggots. Admit you like dicks, meet up IRL, and fuck each other like you really want instead of this passive agressive Tsundere bullshit you guys are doing now.
>>Anonymous  3feb2017(fr)19:34  No.43785  T  P45R40
Sorry, I find females sexually arousing.
>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)10:21  No.43852  AC  P46R41
My friend. I'm not the guy you were originally arguing with. I'm pansexual, and if something is hot it's hot. That's my whole thing.
I can admit to myself that liking dicks is a gay thing. Sometimes I'm in the mood for dicks. Sometimes I'm in the mood for vaguino. Sometimes, if I meet trans people or see an original character that's herm or whatever, my rocks get right the fuck off. Raven gets me thirsty for vaguino. To add a dick to Raven is to ruin the idea of the thing that got me hot in the first place. Futa is taking over all the imageboards I used to frequent for straight stuff and I fucking hate it.
Also, to add a dick is to something inherently sexual for the sole purpose of enhancing its sex appeal is hands-down gay-balls. It's saying to yourself "you know what would make this (")woman(") hotter? A big throbbing meaty dick. Yum yum, dick."
>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)14:51  No.43855  AA  P47R42

That would indeed be a monumental orgy where 50+ neckbeards circle around a single female who accidentally replied in this thread in a drunken stupor. I'm just going to assume there has to be at least one, statistically speaking.


Honestly, I couldn't give less of a fuck about other people's sexual preferences if I tried. It's just that the whole argument is so fucking ridiculous, for (1) being gay isn't really the big negative identifier it used to be and (2) if there's no depicted dick-on-dick action, then calling it gay, because your (i.e. addressing people as a whole) own insecurities demand you drag everyone down with you, is just mind-bendingly idiotic. Again, I don't see any relevance in the positioning of the attached dick.

>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)17:57  No.43859  Q  P48R43
Yeah except you forget that for some the female body itself is a much bigger sex symbol than balls and dick. Imagine a spectrum of gender in sex fantasy that goes like this (arbitrarily, just to illustrate my view):

Lesbian scissoring------- Hetero pounding-------Gay pounding

Futanari would be somewhere between Lesbian scissoring and hetero pounding. Now if you go trap or shemale etc, it'd be between hetero pounding and gay pounding. Take it as artists taking their liberty with omitting the strap-on for a real set (imagination, son).

Plus if you want yourself some vajayjay, every single scene of this flash is focused on a normal non-futanari Raven in the middle, it's done specifically so to facilitate you focusing on her. If you are so caught up with the said "male elements" of every scene, then not even a pure hetero male Raven flash would help you, it only goes gayer from that point on because you'd be staring at some dude's penis instead anyhow.

And to be honest, these are all visual representation of sexual fantasies, being fantasies, they are very malleable and don't necessarily need to adhere themselves to how things work in reality. Plus, it is for free. I don't know about you but if I see something that I didn't pay for and that I can't work with, I just leave it alone (i.e. I don't go on bitching about flash containing scat, inflation, diaper etc. futa or not), as opposed to conducting a lengthy debate to convince your "opponents" that they are gay (it should be irrelevant anyway). It doesn't resolve anything and just leave everyone a bad taste in the mouth.

And, about that increasing number of futanari related works, straight stuff in general is still by far the most produced. so you won't need to worry about futanari taking over soon. For example Exhentai gallery, largest collection of adult artworks that I know combining both eastern and western artists, pros and amateurs, from the first day of this year to this instance, there are 373 pages of new or updated galleries, and among those 373 pages, there are only 27 pages of new or futanari related galleries (7.2%). In the site's lifetime, 1257 out of 19213 pages of existing galleries are futanari related (6.5%). Assuming the growth is linear, for the 3611 days/9.893 years that the gallery system has been active, assuming no interruption of service, that's a 0.071% growth per year. Keeping all assumptions, for the works containing futanari to reach equal standing with non-futa works (50%) from this point in time, that will take a bit more than 600 years. By then, we both won't really mind it happening anymore, no matter what sexual orientation.

>>Anonymous  5feb2017(su)18:59  No.43864  Q  P49
Want to add something, I realized I've calculated the linear growth rate from the futanari work/total work percentage of January 2017 plus 5 days and the average futanari work/total work percentage. This doesn't really make any sense.

The first year that the site entered service, from 2007-03-20 to 2008-03-20, there has been a total of 394 pages of galleries and 41 of those are futanari related, which translates to 10.4% futanari content. (blank search term and go to page 18820, and search "futanari" then go to page 1216 for proof)

For the most current service year from 2016-02-05 to 2017-02-05, there is 177 pages of futanari related galleries for 2787 pages of total content, which translates into 6.35% futa content. (blank page 2787, futanari page 177 for proof)

So, really the best description for the futanari trend without some more appropriate analytical method or a whole lot more data points (I'm too lazy) is just that it is either declining or bouncing up and down. If someone has a better idea, please share, I'm really interested to find out where the trend is heading.

>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)04:40  No.43880  AD  P50R44
If it's got a dick and the dick is the dealbreaker for you, then you're fucking gay. No discussion.
Why can't you just enjoy a strapon?
>>Anonymous  6feb2017(mo)04:48  No.43882  AD  P51
I just think that futa is pretty special for a broad audience and that just more flashes are created and uploaded.
Like let's say around 100 Futa flashes are enought to satisfy the community and you have 1000 Flashes uploaded each month.
So that's 10%.
Well, one year later there are 10000 Flashes uploaded and 100 of them are Futa related, but the community didn't change, grow or shrink.
Does this mean now that less Futa is uploaded? Since the percentage went down? No, it's enough to satisfy the community. The percentage just changed overall but the absolute didn't.
Also screw Futa. If it's not done by Pinoytoons, it's not worth it.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)05:09  No.43930  Q  P52R45
I don't really understand what you are trying to express. Are you talking about the supply vs demand for futanari content? That will require its own research and it is irrelevant to my post anyway. The numbers are specifically to address anon's statement " Futa is taking over all the imageboards" which can only be verified by the change in the ratio between futanari content and overall content over time (i.e. if change is positive/negative then futa is indeed taking over/declining, how positive/negative will tell you how fast it's taking over/declining).
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)05:11  No.43931  Q  P53
Also Pinoytoons still got a lot of room for improvement.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)05:24  No.43932  Q  P54
Just to add, you can look up Google Trends, interest for "futanari" or "futa", at least in term of websearch is a general increase, with "futa" being more linear probably because it's also the abbreviation for Federal Unemployment Tax Act.
>>Anonymous  7feb2017(tu)22:26  No.43949  AE  P55R46
can someone make a video or webm of this, for whatever reason it's laggy as hell (the bukkake scene doesn't even play for me, it just freezes and then cuts to the ending)
>>Anonymous  9feb2017(th)02:02  No.43980  AF  P56R47
>Why can't you just enjoy a strapon?

because the person wearing the strapon doesn't always receive any pleasure themselves, toys (unless double ended) can only really give one person pleasure at a time, if there's a dick involved, then both can feel pleasure, which makes sex more appealing that its not seemingly one sided.

if i had the choice between seeing a girl having a lifeless inanimate object used to pleasure her, or some phallic organ, id pick the phallic organ.

if that makes me gay then quite frankly couldn't give a shit, i find girls attractive, i like the idea of giving+receiving pleasure, and dicks (when done right) can look attractive too.

TL;DR im wasting my time posting about this as is every other person here. why it matters to point out "hur futa is gay" is baffling and an even bigger waste of time, like ok great and you're homophobic for shaming it.

>>Anonymous  10feb2017(fr)07:16  No.44021  K  P57R48
the better question be:
what could we write in any thread here that wouldn't be a waste of time?
>>Anonymous  10feb2017(fr)09:49  No.44026  AF  P58R49
probably something close to nothing at all to be honest, whole discussion is backward.
>>Anonymous  15feb2017(we)03:28  No.44172  AG  P59R50
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)04:35  No.44289  AH  P60R51
Every fucking time you idiots argue about this shit.
>>Anonymous  18feb2017(sa)13:07  No.44309  AI  P61
>"you idiots"
>Bumps the thread to complain about arguing
You truly have the intellectual and moral high ground.
>>Anonymous  23feb2017(th)02:03  No.44500  AJ  P62R52
I like how to the moaning fits the beat of the song lol
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