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>>Anonymous  5jan2017(th)00:07  No.43045  OP  P1
made some edits of the ppppu flashes posted on 7chan a few months ago

same deal as the last one, removed the music because holy fuck it was loud and i think i may have modified a few things? i don't remember, i did both of these like a month ago
it's interactive, the buttons are hidden off the side so you'll have to open it in your browser or something

Royalty_PPPPU_interactive_nomusic_buggy.swf (1.54 MiB)
480x720, Compressed. 2760 frames, 30 fps (01:32).
Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.
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>>Anonymous  7jan2017(sa)01:38  No.43096  A  P2R1
Just a tip. Rosalina isn't royalty.
>>Anonymous  7jan2017(sa)02:53  No.43098  B  P3R2
but she has a crown? i havent played any later mario games
>>Anonymous  7jan2017(sa)17:22  No.43112  A  P4R3
Yeah, the design is stupid, considering. Basically she's one of the producer's mary sues that got sneaked into the game when nobody was looking. Her original design was going to look more like a fairy godmother from disney before she got this more "edgy" look. Her role is pretty much "babysitter of the stars" at this point, but she isn't referred to as a princess in official sources, just Rosalina.
>>Anonymous  9jan2017(mo)19:31  No.43170  C  P5R4
Regardless of technicalities you'd still group her in with Peach and Daisy 90% of the time.
>>Anonymous  10jan2017(tu)03:31  No.43180  D  P6R5
Tbh Rosalina is my favourite
>>Anonymous  10jan2017(tu)17:37  No.43196  A  P7R6
I wouldn't. I'd group her with Pauline. In the "we really don't need you here anymore" category.
>>Anonymous  11jan2017(we)04:09  No.43225  E  P8R7
Too bad Nintendo doesn't think that way. They love pushing and promoting Rosalina as one of their favorite characters. Meanwhile, Zelda fans get shat on while we actively petition for Midna to come back ;_;
>>Anonymous  12jan2017(th)14:12  No.43249  F  P9R8
>not liking space gaia
>>Anonymous  12jan2017(th)17:43  No.43252  A  P10R9
The reason Rosalina gets pushed so hard is because the person who made her is the current producer of the Mario games.

And Space Gaia my ass. All she is is entertainment for the lumas. If anything she's throwing off the balance of the cosmos because she's eating what the lumas need to function as the building blocks of the cosmos. Why do you think there are so many starving luma in Mario Galaxy?
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