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>>Anonymous  8apr2012(su)23:25  No.3419  OP  P1
The Fetish Thread

In this thread we RAR our fetish collection and upload it.
Let's make this the best damn fetish thread on the Internet!


+ RARs only! Don't upload single images. If you want to do that you can make a thread on /b/ and link to it from here. If that thread gets enough pics someday someone can RAR them and upload the archive here.

+ Don't mix fetishes. One fetish per RAR! Keep to one theme. Remove those "yeah this is kind of related" images before you make your archive, please. Try to name your fetish correctly, if it has an it has an official name?

+ The fetish can't be too general. For example, "bondage" is too broad. This thread is for more specific fetishes. The fetish you will post will probably be a sub-fetish of a larger fetish group.

+ At least 3 images per RAR (a pretty low number, if you want to share just three images please try to find at least two more before you upload, just do a quick search on the net).

For the advanced sharer: Try to not put gay and straight images in the same folder, make a "gay" sub-folder in your archive. Also if it's not too much trouble it would be nice if hand-drawn and IRL (or 3D) images were separated into different folders.

If you aren't lazy: Don't upload any images that are already in an already uploaded archive. But of course I'd rather have you upload your collection with duplicates than not upload anything at all.

Btw I mainly intend this thread for sharing loose images or short multi-image stories, not for entire mangas... BUT if you do have a manga that focuses on your fetish don't hesitate to share it! However try not to mix it with the loose images; put it in it's own folder or upload it separately (in which case don't forget to still mention the fetish it belongs to in addition to the author and title). If the whole manga doesn't focus 100% on your fetish just make a note of it ("pages 54-87 are of the fetish"). It's better to share the entire manga anyway even if not all images are related, but if you want to extract and share just the related images from a manga please don't do your start and end cuts in the middle of a story: Include the entire chapter/story even if only one or two images in it has the fetish.

Alright, enough blathering! Go go go!

>>Anonymous  8apr2012(su)23:32  No.3420  OP  P2
Bitchsuits.rar * (19.47 MiB)
Unpacked: 20.48 MiB. Files: 103. Directories: 1. Images: 103.
Contains: JPG, PNG, GIF <LIST>

Description: Women in bitch suits that makes them kinda like dogs.

>>Anonymous  9apr2012(mo)00:50  No.3421  OP  P3
Candles.rar * (33.38 MiB)
Unpacked: 34.47 MiB. Files: 199. Directories: 0. Images: 199.
Contains: JPG, PNG, GIF <LIST>

Description: Candles. The heat they generate and/or the wax that drips from them.

>>Anonymous  9apr2012(mo)06:10  No.3422  OP  P4
Forced Stimulation.rar * (68.06 MiB)
Unpacked: 69.49 MiB. Files: 237. Directories: 1. Images: 237.
Contains: JPG, PNG, GIF <LIST>

Description: Usually consists of bondage + something that vibrates to cause orgasm (and the girl can't stop the vibrations herself). No larger/weird machines in here, I consider that a separate fetish.

>>Anonymous  9apr2012(mo)06:31  No.3423  OP  P5
Sex Machines.rar * (59.87 MiB)
Unpacked: 61.4 MiB. Files: 244. Directories: 1. Images: 244.
Contains: JPG, GIF, PNG <LIST>

Description: Girls trapped (most often) in odd machines that make them orgasm or do stuff like pump their milk. The machine doesn't HAVE to apply forced stimulation, but almost always does.
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