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>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)00:31  No.41796  OP  P1
So... about the new ZONE release

Any way to post that here?
Has Zone abandoned that swf container file at last?

>>Anon69  7dec2016(we)05:27  No.41802  A  P2R1

as far as I can tell it's more like a recorded swf than anything the frames are pretty much still locked and capped at what a swf can handle but Zone has made this new one in an .mp4 format I doubt I could upload it here downloading the compressed mp4 was 1.8 gigs. Pretty sure compressing it any further would ruin the quality just search chan boards it's already up for downloading pleasure although if you're not a fan of monsters I would avoid it altogether the first like 5 minutes is all that's worth it imo.

>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)06:43  No.41804  B  P3R2
Hook a nigga up,give a link to the download.
>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)08:23  No.41811  C  P4R3

its legit

>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)11:16  No.41816  D  P5R4
Here's a torrent:
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:2E0058D818CE8E84FB2136BFE199C D51936D02D6

Someone uploaded it to YouTube for the lulz:

Been up for six hours, at 418 views, still online right now. It'll probably be dead in a couple of hours.

I'm downloading the video myself right now, will upload it to swfchan later with as good quality as possible. I'm really disappointed over Zone leaving the swf format behind. Say good-bye to vector graphics and interactivity. Say hello to 1.7 GiB videos instead of less-than 50 MiB flash files.

That thing about "frame limits" isn't true by the way, the limit is per timeline. You can create a MovieClip and then you get a new timeline, after over 10 years of flash making Zone should know this. He probably just got tired of people using and/or modifying his assets but that just means less porn for the people and even more re-use of his older stuff. Such a reason would be a bit hypocritical too since these characters and their voice acting isn't original content anyway.

>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)17:00  No.41834  E  P6R5
Wow, the most anticipated release from the most reputed flash artist and it's not a swf. What a flop. Still hope it's good.
>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)17:31  No.41837  E  P7
>all that repulsive male monster focus
aaand I couldn't fap to it. What a shame.
>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)21:02  No.41848  OP  P8R6

The definite downfall of swf
z0ne-sama now finally killed my childh00d
not by raping, but by killing off my beloved flash format

>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)21:52  No.41850  F  P9R7
Flash is shit, only used in spam and ads now.

It's bad for movies now that mp4/webm is widespread and playable in every browser and cellphone.
It's bad for interactivity now that HTML5 can create browse games without adobe plugin nuisance and Unity can create desktop games easier.
Adobe is a mistake; a landmark company for bloatware, featuritis and security flaws.

>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)22:33  No.41853  D  P10R8
>Flash is the shit.
Fixed that for you.
>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)23:39  No.41857  G  P11R9
>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)23:56  No.41858  H  P12R10
Berserk in a nutshell.
>>Anonymous  8dec2016(th)00:30  No.41859  I  P13R11
Any chance we'll get a MEGA upload on this at some point?
>>Anonymous  8dec2016(th)15:36  No.41866  J  P14R12
reminds me of modifyers parody
>>Anonymous  14dec2016(we)08:21  No.42037  K  P15R13
I don't give a damn if it's swf or not. I care if it's fappable or not.

Considering it's Zone, I had high expectation. All the previous works were pretty fappable. Sadly, it turned out to be quite bland, and the music segment is stupid, why cheap out on sound effects when you have already done so much?

Maybe I have became more degenerate whereas Zone has focused on the craftsmanship. Zone is too good for this filthy audience.

>>Anonymous  14dec2016(we)23:09  No.42057  OP  P16R14
Consider Biocock as the pinnacle of what an swf porn should be like, and not a video (which there are plenty elsewhere).
Some prefer his really old stuff though with affection bars. They didn't age pretty well in my opinion, but back then it was hot shit indeed.

Also: Yeah, z0ne-sama now transcended the realm of innocent rule34 con artists, to be featured in the hall of pretentious fame. I tip my hat to thee, Master of archives.

>>Anonymous  15dec2016(th)07:27  No.42067  E  P17R15
You mean consider Wakfuck as the pinnacle of what swf porn should be like. I think a fair amount of his stuff aged well, I mean, it's pretty decent and it's not like there's much competition in the decadent flash porn scene.
>>Anonymous  16dec2016(fr)02:37  No.42135  L  P18R16

I like the level of detail in Rudolpth's revenge by Rockcandy AKA the Swedish butt guy. Granted, the art work, voice acting, and animation could be improved but I find all the different possible reactions (the girl having orgasm when going long enough, belly getting filled up, or even start to enjoy rape, don't try IRL) have brought the flash onto a whole new level, I'd say it even surpass some of Zone's stuff in term of fap worthiness despite the latter having better art direction and voice work.

But again, it might just be that the theme of corruption done right boosts fappability by ten folds.

>>Anonymous  28dec2016(we)19:40  No.42751  M  P19R17
does anyone have a link to the vhs release? I'm excited for the sex noises during the montage scene
>>Anonymous  28dec2016(we)20:28  No.42755  N  P20R18

Nah, Modifuckers or Teen Titans ones are better.

>>Anonymous  29dec2016(th)02:49  No.42775  OP  P21R19
Teen titans are old gold, but still very old.
Modifuckrs is when he started to ignore votes and just dig up strange underground artsy pilot shows for full releases ... and Rule34 is only as good as its source material.

Yeah, would love a torrent for final version. The first one was only pirate b8 it seems.

>>Anonymous  1jan2017(su)00:08  No.42914  O  P22R20
magnet:?xt=urn:btih:4JGXB6TCX6Y2D3N3HFE3B2IBEJ3DO TSB&dn=XXXtreme%20Ghostbusters%20Special%20Edition
>>Anonymous  2jan2017(mo)07:24  No.42959  E  P23R21
Wow, it's still shit!
>>Anonymous  7jan2017(sa)20:18  No.43116  OP  P24R22
Well, special edition is a lot more fappable imo.
Music only parts just don't do so well in a porn flash.
There're cumshots like no tomorrow.
Get a load of that swf creators, most these days don't even bother to animate a single one.
>>Anonymous  8jan2017(su)03:51  No.43124  P  P25R23
So what exactly is different about this one from the original one posted a while back?
>>Anonymous  8jan2017(su)05:05  No.43126  E  P26R24
Call me when he edits out the shots of demon faces so I can look at a girl getting railed and not disgusting abominations while I'm fapping.
>>Anonymous  8jan2017(su)07:29  No.43129  H  P27R25

Unfortunately, is way too difficult to edit the original file because is a mp4 video not a swf file.

>>Anonymous  8jan2017(su)07:30  No.43130  OP  P28R26
The section that was music only has now all the moans and talks and just slight background music at some part.

It was acceptable. There're enough scenes not focusing on the ghosts or whatever. Some demon monstrosity in the shot is tentacle hentai standard anyway.
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