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>>iTzDreamZ  30nov2016(we)18:11  No.41618  OP  P1
Need help with SWF files

Hi, I'm iTzDreamZ and I want to know if is it possible to merge multiple SWF files into 1 single swf. I have also few html and css files included with the SWF files and want to compile or merge them into 1 as I explained before.

If somebody knows what to do please answer this as fast as you can.


>>Anonymous  1dec2016(th)07:12  No.41631  A  P2R1
You can't merge CSS/HTML with a flash file. As for merging two swf files it should be possible but I haven't figured out how to do it myself. The easiest method is probably to make a exe projector file but then you would no longer have a single swf file, you'd have a exe that contains swf files. If you plan to distribute it having it as a exe is a downside, personally I never trust exe projector files since you can't know for sure it only contains flash.
>>iTzDreamZ  1dec2016(th)16:11  No.41634  B  P3R2
Yeah... the problem is that I have few SWF scenes for example: scene01.swf scene02.swf scene03.swf and each scene is played by the html and css files in order. So I think I will only be able to upload each scene but it's a pain in the ass because every game I want to merge has like 6 - 12 scenes more or less so that would be a flood posting :(
>>Anonymous  1dec2016(th)21:59  No.41638  A  P4R3
I've had that problem too, I'm pretty sure they split up their flash games like that purposely so they can't be posted easily online. Most of the time they won't work at all without a master flash file that coordinate things as well.
>>Anonymous  6dec2016(tu)19:52  No.41789  C  P5R4
have seen this though with the Zone Collection files
you would most likely need at least a tiny bit of AS skills
>>Anonymous  7dec2016(we)15:13  No.41826  A  P6R5
Oh yeah, I remember those. Wonder how he did it? Most likely he just decompiled each zone flash to a FLA project and then made a new FLA project and copied resources over. Requires some work and it probably only work well with flashes that don't have anything to do with each other, in those collections you basically just pick a flash and it bring it up. Would be harder to pull off things that depend on external files since each "load ActionScript" would need to be replaced with a reference to something in the library.
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