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>>Anonymous  18nov2016(fr)04:55  No.41252  OP  P1
R.I.P WhatCD

>, an invite-only music torrent website first launched in 2007, has been shut down after a raid by French authorities. The private tracker offered free (and often illegal) access to a massive, deeply thorough collection of music and was popular among audiophiles for its strict rules around quality and file formats. The site was created after the shutdown of another well-known torrent website, Oink, which operated between 2004 and 2007. Though its primary focus was music sharing, also permitted torrents of computer software, ebooks, and other content. cd-music-torrent-website-shut-down

It happened less than 24 hours ago. Anybody here that was a member and want to mourn with me? I don't know what to do for my Mp3 needs now... Wonder if somebody will pick up the flag this time, I know people said the same thing when OiNK went down but these days we have Spotify so is there really enough flame now to amount to the same greatness that provided? Man, what a bad day.

>>Anonymous  4may2017(th)13:38  No.49111  OP  P2

Now the anime tracker has closed down as well. By the word that is passed around this one disappeared voluntarily at least. I wonder why the owner did it?

>>Anonymous  6may2017(sa)15:10  No.49175  A  P3R1
To avoid potential future clashes with Anti-Privacy laws being put in place all over the world.
At least that's what Nyaa staff said.
>>Anonymous  10may2017(we)12:25  No.49315  B  P4R2
nyaa will be back soon ;D
>>Anonymous  10may2017(we)22:15  No.49324  C  P5R3
Others try to build a competent follow-up with archives but itself will never be back as of now.

Also: RIP /f/ (or at least posting on it)
Is the /f/ exodus near?
Did Hiroshi-kun shut down the unknown board for good? Did he just forget about it and well-needed server maintainance?

>>Anonymous  11may2017(th)02:18  No.49337  D  P6R4
Thanks for this info. I was wondering why i couldn't access them.
Is there a site where the staff are posting at?
>>Anonymous  12may2017(fr)16:48  No.49391  OP  P7R5
You can finally post again now, though I had to solve an extra captcha because the "system thought my ip was spam" or something like that. Better to have this new spam protection rather than carpet ban half the IPs in the world. I still wonder why it happened in the first place though and why could I post replies fine but not new threads?

More good news is that nyaa is back in a new version on

>>Anonymous  14may2017(su)23:08  No.49475  C  P8R6
all hail the new (NICOO NIIII)

and yes, there's now a SECOND captcha when posting files (new thread)
apparently it had to do with cloudflare protection and wasn't an issue of sys.4chan itself
because if you noticed IPs weren't actually banned (as visiting showed - IP wasn't banned)
the people who could apparently still post (probably only mods) said they used their phone to, and it worked that way (ironically - flash on a smartphone??)
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